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re: NewsScope - I honestly think you are so incredibly gifted in the astrological world. I love trying to learn from what you write. I wish I had your ability. I've got more knowledge than most people who just dabble, but a Vulcan mind meld would be amazing to have the understanding....... 

re: Trump - When will he be gone? I was watching a biography of him last night. Mostly I was rolling my eyes and sighing. What the hell IS that? He so rubs me the wrong way. He is so horribly FULL of himself. That's Mars in Leo, isn't it?

A. Mars in Leo is found in more presidents charts - by far - than any other placement. It shows leadership, decisive opinions, and confidence. Trump's ego is inflated through Jupiter's placement, plus currently his progressed Sun near his Leo Ascendant, which conjoins the royal star Regulus. Most likely, he will be on the national scene through the campaign season since this progressed Sun is still 1/2 degree away from this important conjunction.

re: Zuckerberg rectification - Wow. Really, wow. Do you use any software to aid rectification?

A. I use SolarFire for my calculations, but none that suggest any birth times, such as Jigsaw. 

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re: Rubio's birth time - In 2010, I asked Marco about his birthtime during a campaign event. He told me he didn't know, and to ask his older brother, Mario, since he drove his Mother to the hospital. Mario told me it was around 3:30p to 4:00p in the afternoon. This would give Marco a Leo Moon. I realize this is anecdotal, but if you were to attempt rectification, this might be a good place to start.  

A. Thank-you for the data! This is indeed a good place to start.

re: Brazil - Wow, it looks like some dangerous stuff could happen in Brazil this summer. Violence, terrorism? Maybe the gathering of people at the Olympics could cause that virus to spread around the world? It sounds like the effects of the virus are usually not that bad though, except what it could do to babies, which is really sad. 

A. Yes, it's not looking good. 

re: NewsScope- I am a loyal reader of your weekly Newscope. I enjoy it very much and have had many insights from your analyses.

re: Sanders - I saw a birth time for Bernie as 12:27 pm and calculated his MC- He looks to be the presidential winner in 2016! I would love to know your thoughts about this because Sanders seems to be the only candidate with real integrity and I want to vote for him in the elections. His part of fortune points to it according to my calculations. Thanks so much for your wonderful work and great knowledge,

A. As far as I know, there's no known birth time for Bernie. So a 12:27 pm time would be speculative unless it's from a reliable source. I've suggested a rectified time of 6:22 pm. We can't really know for sure until we get a look at his birth certificate.

re: Hillary - do you see anything inparticular with Hillary's chart(s) now that they are talking more and more about an indictment. What planets, transits, etc would indicate that? I know you wrote about the Mars 12th house self-undoing, but this points to illegal activity, lies, coverups etc. Would like to know what you look for or what would give insight?
  I like to share your writings with people who have an interest in astrology, dont' know much about it, and it can help them to see that astrology is for real. Thank-you!

A. This is a complex question, and there's no easy or short answer. Generally though it involves Neptune, and Neptune is all over Hilary's chart. However, Neptune is also associated with idealism, so depending on your political bias, it can be read either way. Major indictment's should involve major afflictions to the Midheaven, the ruler of the Midheaven or the progressed Midheaven. Without these, nothing will come of any charges.
re: Trump - Are you saying that Trump is likely the winner due to positive astro configurations at election time?​ Wondering where I can read more about this.

A. Trump's chart looks stronger than Hillary's, if we have her birth time of 8:02 am correct. I don't know where else you can read about this. Most astrologers aren't considering progressions.

re: Trump - BUT...surely we've seen what happened when transiting Saturn was conjunct his natal MC. Did he triumph at that time or did we see all of his chickens coming home to roost in a way that was not his proudest moment? How has he weathered the transits of Saturn overall??? We've seen him establish all kinds of things that have FAILED. We've seen him go bankrupt many times. Have any of these seen his Saturn active at the same time?

re: Brazil - Zica is only one of Brazil Problems, its a historical time for the country. The president is super unpopular and an impeachment was open against her. There's a super economic crisis (the worst recession in 70 years) and the political system is broken due to corruption charges to politics from all parties.
  The Neptune and Saturn quadrature aims several planets in natal chart. The progressed Sun+Mars on natal Pluto is a powerful combination never seen before. It seems a transformation of Brazil State, or even a military action (due to Mars). Maybe this can happen while Olympic is occurring...
  Most of Brazilian astrologers use a Scorpio MC due to several military coups in Brazil history and 2 deaths from presidents (one of them killed himself while in office). The time is between 16:08 and 16:20, with Aquarius ascending.
  Political system is collapsing, the population is very angry and delusional (Neptune quadrature natal Moon), a resolution might happen under those powerful transits and progressions, maybe some catalyst start from Olympic Games.

A. Thank-you for your comments from inside Brazil. I used 4:47 pm (20:47) based on Campion's Book of World Horoscopes, which gives the Sagittarius MC. However, I'm inclined to agree thatScorpio there makes more sense for the reasons you describe.

re: U.S. future - After the death of Scalia and the political chaos that has ensued, it got me to wondering: What is in store for the USA for the next few decades? Could some break-down scenario come to pass?

A. A break-down scenario is certainly possible. The U.S. has its Pluto Return coming, and the sharp oppositions between planets in the 6th and 12h houses is extremely polarizing and volatile. 
re: Election Day chaos - Maybe someone pointed this out to you already but if no candidate receives 270 electoral votes, the House of Representatives chooses the winner. I suppose someone could challenge that but they would likely lose since the law is quite clear.

A. I wrote about this on February 29 relating to the 12th amendment, which is where this directive comes from. But note how litigious Trump is, and that there's likely to be some counting irregularities, as there were in the 2000 election that was decided by the Supreme Court in Bush's favor.

re: Trump - Was chatting with my astrologer recently, and I was told that there's a very high probability (astrologically speaking) that there will be an assassination attempt on Trump on or about Aug. 11. What's your take on this?

A. Extremely unlikely. I see no astrological evidence for such an irresponsible claim.

re: Sanders - I never miss your column and find it very insightful. Regarding this wild election year, do you see any possibility of Bernie Sanders running as an Independent if HC gets the Democratic nomination? Most of her primary wins have been razor thin, and there is a lot of dissatisfaction among the Dems as well as the Republicans with the status quo. After all, he was an Independent for many years in Congress. I would love to hear your opinion.

A. No, I don't think he will run as a third party candidate. He's content to get his message out and influence Hillary's stance on numerous issues.

re: Nancy Reagan - I haven't heard much lately about the 20-year USA presidential death cycle, the pattern of USA Presidents elected in "zero" years (1840-1960) dying while in office, perhaps linked to Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions. It seems that Ronald Reagan narrowly avoided it during his terms in office (did astrological knowledge make a difference?).
  During the most vulnerable window after George W. Bush's election in 2000, W did not repeat the pattern, but Ronald Reagan did die during this time, which I thought was interesting.
  Keep up the fine work.

A.  Joan Quigley was hired after the assassination attempt, and she claims in her book that she protected him from appearing in pubic on dangerous days. Other astrologers have noted that Reagan was elected when the SA-JU conjunction was in Libra, so the Great Mutation process from Earth to Air signs began then, theoretically ending this curse. 
  In my view, I see Mars in the 8th house of death in the Scorpio Rising chart as a potential indicator for the death of a president in office, so it's still an ongoing possibility.

re: Trump/Mussolini parallels - Having spent quite a bit of time with my Italian in-laws and their friends in northern Italy I will add a different view. Americans have always looked upon Mussolini only as an evil dictator. Most Italians view him quite differently. While they agree he got Italy involved in WW ll In a bad way they view him as the man who built the infrastructure of their country. Before Mussolini they had no nationwide roads. Roads stopped at the edges of the old city states..  
  He built the railroads and bridges uniting the country too. The big railway stations we see. Rome, Florence and Milano were all constructed under his leadership. They also felt proud of their nation when he successfully invaded Ethiopia. The parallels with “Make America Great Again” are interesting. Trump frequently talks about repairing our infrastructure, particularly the airports, and making Americans proud of their country again. I think you’ve nailed it. Of course, I do believe in reincarnation.

A. Mussolini was executed on April 28, 1945. Trump was born less than one year later.
NewsScope for March 28, 2016
By Michael Wolfstar

Paul Ryan, the GOP Nominee?

One of the most dynamic Full Moons of 2016 takes place on July 19 at 27º Capricorn. Events tend to reach a dramatic climax around Full Moons, and since this one unfolds during the GOP’s convention and conjoins the U.S. Pluto, we can expect some fascinating power plays. A scenario now playing out is how Paul Ryan will become the GOP’s nominee.*
* For a detailed analysis of how Ryan would become the GOP nominee, see huffingtonpost/paul-ryan
Jupiter has been very kind to Ryan (January 29, 1970; 2:37 am; Janesville, WI), which makes sense astrologically since, with Sagittarius Rising, it’s the ruler of his chart. Mitt Romney announced Ryan as his choice for vice president on August 11, 2012 when transiting Jupiter was in his 7th house of partners and aligned with his Sun-Venus conjunction in Aquarius. He was elected Speaker of the House on October 29, 2015 when transiting Jupiter was conjunct his Midheaven. 

Due to Jupiter’s regular retrograde cycle, it makes two more conjunctions with his Midheaven. The second of three conjunctions took place two weeks ago when he began criticizing Trump for some of his rude remarks. Although he has said he’s not running for president, he made some equivocating remarks when Jupiter was on his Midheaven, leading to the perception that he’s waiting in the wings, ready to be drafted during a brokered convention.
The third time Jupiter conjoins Ryan’s Midheaven happens to take place just before the GOP Convention (July 18-21), and is facilitated by transiting Pluto’s trine to his Midheaven. Most significantly, Ryan’s progressed Midheaven will be within one degree of natal Jupiter, becoming exact in 2017. This fortuitous astro-event tends to bring major career advancement. As described last December, Ryan most likely won’t win in 2016, but he’ may have a good practice run for 2020 when he’s more likely to succeed. 
Top Five Astro-Events for April

1. The New Moon on the 7th conjoins Uranus and squares Pluto, kicking off a dramatic month of important changes in many people’s lives. Those with prominent placements in 17º-20º of cardinal signs will be the most impacted, and urged to get out of stale routines or ruts. This New Moon cycle favors taking action and implementing new ideas and technologies to improve current circumstances. Business and personal relationships are in flux. 

2. Uranus conjoins the U.S. Chiron on the 4th and sextiles the U.S. Mars on the 24th while in the 6th house of military service. These aspects make Uranus a major player all month in U.S. military ventures, likely leading to an increase in drone strikes against terrorist camps, as well as criticism of Obama for not doing enough in Iraq and Syria. Expect to see an increase in insane violence and also developments concerning disabled veterans.

3. Black Moon Lilith trioctiles Neptune on the 17th but is a noticeable influence from the 4th through 27th. This challenging Lilith-Neptune combination promotes fear of the unknown, a heightened sense of invisible or hidden forces, and a pervasive anxiety about the future. Drug and alcohol abuse become problematic for those susceptible to their negative influence. Balanced individuals may expect an increase in intuitive hunches, vivid dreams, and psychic experiences.

4. Mars turns retrograde on the 17th and will be in Sagittarius for the rest of this month and most of May. Watch out for making hasty decisions that you may later regret under this retrograde phase. It’s time to tone down the adventurous spirit, be more patient, and focus on high priorities rather than scattering your energy. Geopolitically, this retrograde station is dangerously explosive since Mars opposes the U.S. Uranus. 

5. Mercury turns retrograde on the 28th in Taurus. For the next three weeks, avoid making major decisions but stay open to new ideas. This is a good time to alter your routine, clarify your thoughts before speaking or writing, and listen to your inner voice. From the 28th to 30th, Mercury conjoins Vesta, indicating a time to reconsider your financial situation, and consider what has real value in your life. 
Bernie Sanders Receives a Celestial Blessing

Last week, with transiting Jupiter returning to his Virgo Sun, Bernie Sanders took a slim lead over Hillary Clinton in the latest national poll. However, most pundits indicate that Hillary is mathematically assured of victory, even if Sanders goes on a winning streak. But what does it mean that a sparrow landed on Sanders’ podium as he was speaking to an enthusiastic crowd?
To those who look at the world symbolically, unusual events carry significant meaning. A horoscope for the moment (March 25, 2016; 2:08 pm;* Portland, OR), places Uranus precisely at the Midheaven, which suggests Sander’s agenda of creating a revolution of ideas. A Fire Grand Trine -- connecting the Sun and Mercury in Aries, Mars in Sagittarius, and the Leo Ascendant-- reflects the spontaneous exuberance over this curious visitation.

Sanders himself said, “I think there may be some symbolism here…. That bird is really a dove asking us for world peace!” His horoscope was dramatically lit up during that moment, with the Fire Grand Trine landing right on his Pluto in Leo. He waved his hands in delight as the sparrow landed on the podium, as if he were performing a magic trick. 
With Uranus so prominent in the event chart, its influence on Sanders’ horoscope is the most relevant. At the moment, it’s sextile to his Jupiter in Gemini, which underscores the meaning of a revolution of ideas. Transiting Uranus is heading into a conjunction with his Moon and Mars, which should fuel him for an exciting race to the nomination. And in contrast to the sleazy bickering taking place everywhere else, this apparent celestial blessing elevates Sanders by its enchanting uniqueness.
* The first tweet sent out was time stamped 2:09 pm, so we subtract one minute for the event to actually unfold:

A bird lands on @BernieSanders podium in Portland Oregon. "Symbolism," he calls it. #FeelTheBern #BernieInPDX 2:09 PM - 25 Mar 2016 · Portland, OR