Political Astrology Keywords
The twelve signs carry the same message in political astrology as in natal astrology. 
 Once astrology's basic principles are grasped, they can readily be applied to political astrology. Here's a summary of what the individual planets and major asteroids mean when interpreting the national horoscope. 
Aspects are formed when two or more planets form geometric angles to each other. Aspects tend to be dynamic or flowing.

Dynamic (challenge, conflict, change):
            conjunction (0°)    
   opposition (180°)   
   square (90°)

Flowing (ease, success, growth):
             conjunction (0°)  
     trine (120°)   
     sextile (60°)
Minor aspects - The U.S. national horoscope has many eighth harmonic aspects, which are generally considered to be minor aspects. They are dynamic, like squares, and are called the

semi-square or octile (45°)
sesquisquare or trioctile (135°)
the quincunx (150°) is another dynamic minor aspect, and is alternatively called the inconjunction.
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Planets and Asteroids: 
Hover over the glyphs for meanings in personal horoscopes.

Sun: leadership, identity, national character, the President, major events, authority, political activities, CEOs.

Moon: the people, national security needs, basic necessities (food, clothing, and shelter), women, national mood, polls, change.

Mercury: opinion polls, communications, transportation, literary interests, news media, agents, stories, travelers.

Venus: artists and musicians, entertainment, celebrities, fashion, culture, beauty, women, high society, money.

Mars: military, police, aggression, manufacturing and industrial concerns, generals, war, violence, metals, fire.

Ceres: parenting, rescue missions, natural disasters, food industry, mothers, agriculture, welfare, labor.

Pallas: political strategists, defenders of justice, diplomats, activists, networkers, designers, favorite son or daughter.

Vesta: secret agencies, sisterhood, security systems, focused individuals, sacred causes, scholarship, investments.

Juno: marriage, the wife, the socialite, business or political partnerships, women's rights, storms, social rituals, revenge. 

Jupiter: the wealthy, prosperity, courts, religion, publishing, the desire to elevate or grow, higher education.

Saturn: the system, institutions, conservatism, bureaucracy, infrastructure, law, control, established ways and procedures.

Chiron: health, handicapped, emotional pain, wounding, alternative practices, outsiders, viruses, vaccinations.

Uranus: new technology, innovation, electricity, progressive or radical, nuclear energy, entrepreneurial spirit, astrology.

Neptune: oil, pharmaceuticals, illegal drugs, fraud, glamor, hope, idealism, covert actions, socialism, scandals, cinema.

Pluto: financial or political power, factions, dictators, big business, death, catastrophes, financial mergers, urban renewal, recycling.
SUN - Inner Hero, character, central concerns, personal path, will, vitality, confidence, self-reliance, creativity
VENUS - Inner Lover, romance, harmony, relationships, eroticism, art, style, vanity, jealousy, elegance, sweets
MARS - Inner Warrior, strength, sex, urge to conquer, fighting style, anger, aggression, desire, drive, passion
MOON - Inner Mother, feelings, unconscious, instincts, security needs, home, family, memories, moods
MERCURY - Inner Communicator, mind, speech, knowledge, mental attitude, opinions, curiosity, siblings, trade
CHIRON - InnerShaman, wounded healer, physical and psychological health, holisitc views, alternative medicine, pain, outsider
CERES - Inner Mother, nurturing, caretaking, life passages, parent-child relationship, animals, grains, growing cycles, birth, death, grief
VESTA - Inner Sister, personal integration, devotion, scholastic interests, work, path of service, financial security, what is sacred
JUNO - marriage, commited relationships, social skills, business partners, women's rights, storms, social rituals
PALLAS - Inner Strategist, creative intelligence, social skills, wisdom, visual arts, pattern recognition, political activism
JUPITER - trust in life, belief, growth, expansion, opportunity, luck, self-righteousness, justice, prosperity
SATURN - structure, limitations, ambition, authority, restriction, form, law and order, bitterness, wisdom
NEPTUNE - cosmic antenna, dissolving boundaries, mysticism, drugs and alcohol, self-sacrifice, spiritual aspirations, faith, delusion, ideals
PLUTO -  death and re-birth, destruction and creation, power and abuse, emotional entanglement, obsessions
URANUS - freedom, equality, ingenuity, inventiveness, independence, unconventional, radical, shock, revolutionary

Houses in Political Astrology

First House: the nation as a whole, the nation's first impression or image, general national characteristics, the national myths, the projected personality and interests of the nation's people.
Second House: the nation's values, potential wealth and assets, the economy, the national product, where earnings are deposited
Third House: language, education, communication, transportation, all forms of mass media, literary works, the post office, roads, railways, air corridors, newspapers, televison, schools, freedom of speech, the internet
Fourth House: the foundations of society, settled communities, the common people, nationalism, the land, agriculture, real estate, homes, farmers, historic roots, domestic issues.
Fifth House: entertainment, financial speculation, the stock market, recreational activities, children, the birth rate, theater, cinema, gambling.
Sixth House: workers, employment rate, trade unions, civil service workers, health services, health workers, the nation's health, the police, military service, armies, national defense.
Seventh House: alliances, relations with other countries, treaties, war, open enemies, dialogue and diplomacy.
Eighth House: the national debt, taxes, what the people must pay to the state or nation, credit, mortality rates, insurance, corporate finances, inheritance, capital, loans.
Ninth House: religion, law and order, justice, the court system, morality, higher education, publishing, international concerns, foreign affairs, shipping, belief systems.
Tenth House: the government, ruling class, national prestige, destiny, how the nation is seen by the rest of the world, elections, those in power.
Eleventh House: political ideologies, local governments, the institutions that govern (congress or parliament), the people's representatives, collective aspirations, community programs, national alliances and organizations.
Twelfth House: hospitals, anything hidden, secret enemies, secret societies, subversives, prisons, mystics, crime fighters, saboteurs and spies, welfare programs and recipients.
Houses in Personal Astrology

First House: First approach to situations, personal appearance, identity, name, health, personal style, new projects, attitudes, face, one's physical body and presence.
Second House: Money and now you use it, values, resources, personal belongings, sense of self-worth, income, assets, jewlery, priorities, the future.
Third House: Thinking, learning, communicating, siblings, short trips, associates, neighbors, visitors, written contracts, writing skills, messages, information, primary education
Fourth House: Home, past, family influence,relocation, real estate, emotional security, tradition, old age, the end of anything.
Fifth House: Children, creativity, recreation, romance, pleasure, gambling, speculative investments, acting, card games.
Sixth House: Work, health, co-workers, pets, hygiene, employees, boarders, daily activities, job opportunities.
Seventh House: Marriage and other committed relationships, the public, known enemies, partners, opponents, others. 
Eighth House: Sex, reproduction, death, healing, inheritance, taxes, gifts, loans, joint finances, mysteries, occult, psychology.
Ninth House: Religion, philosophy of life, higher education, foreign travel, legal affairs, publishing, ethics, visions, broadcasting, advertising.
Tenth House: Career, status in the world, authority, vocation, reputation, business matters, public life, rewards, scandals, goals, purpose, milestones.
Eleventh House: Friends, groups, social pool, political awareness, freedom, get-togethers, causes, networking, hopes and wishes.
Twelfth House: The unconscious, secrets, charity, spirituality, rehabilitation, prisons, secret enemies, institutions, the past, psychological health, hospitals
The twelve houses, which describe where the action takes place, are similar to personal astrology, but their essential meanings need to be expanded to fit the geopolitical level of interpretation.
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