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Reader feedback
re: Syria - I always enjoy your weekly column. This week's piece on Syria was particularly of interest. When I changed the time (from Campion at 6 AM) to the Tyl time, I saw all you spoke about. Additionally I looked at the astrocartography map and the local space map. The latter shows the BML line going into the heart of Russia. This is particularly ominous...

re: Cubs - You wouldn't, by any chance, have a Chart for the Chicago Cubs Baseball Team? I can't seem to find any definitive date, except for 1870. I love to root for the Underdog.

re: Hillary - As a long term Hillary fan, I am delighted about her good showing in the recent Democratic debate. Those who dislike Hillary just love to drop those "hints of scandal" in an attempt to derail her campaign. The political pundits and the mainstream media are in for a revelation: Hillary is and has always been a great Presidential candidate!

re: mass murders - I think you have provided very convincing astrological details that confirm the Scorpio rising chart for the United States. It looks as though transiting Uranus will move out of orb to progressed Mars before too long. Do you think this will create a respite from mass murders such as the recent one in Oregon? I know there are other factors involved but taking Martian anger out of the set up looks positive for the future. Do you agree?

A. Yes, transiting Uranus will soon be out of range of activating the U.S. progressed Mars, but that definitely does not end the escalating trend of mass murders. Next come transiting Pluto, and also progressed Lilith will be joining progressed Mars in the U.S. 12th house. Progressed Lilith is just entering the U.S. 12th house now and will conjoin progressed Mars in January 2023, with both opposing progressed Chiron in the 6th house of health. This is an extremely dangerous set-up regarding violence as a health issue, and will be periodically activated by numerous outer planet transits between now and 2023.  

re: guns - Given that the gun lobby is huge and powerful and that stupid amendment is, like, scripture to people, do you, also given this chart configuration, ever see anything ever being done to mitigate this stupidity? I refer you to Australia taking away everyone's guns after a particularly horrific mass killing. Since that nation-wide confiscation, no more mass killings. Imagine. Surprising how no guns can result in no killings.) I know that this is unlikely to happen to the Australian degree. But do you see gun enthusiasts giving an inch ever anywhere at all? Ever?

A. The Australian government didn't do a nation-wide confiscation of guns, but offered to buyback guns. The program was genius and inspirational, but would Americans follow suit? Unlikely any time soon, to my dismay.

re: NewsScope - I really love Neptune Café. I think NewsScope is the best astrology blog on the net.
re: NewsScope - Thank you, as always, for a column that I check first thing in the morning on Mondays!

re: European Union - Since the refugee crisis, much talk has centered around the difficulties of taking in such a mass of peoples whose cultures are so very different from those of Europe. I do hear more about the urgency of dealing with migrants that are huge in number and in many ways demanding, rather than desiring of fitting in wherever there opens a door. Most recently there's the opinion that this large-scale migration may well signal the end of the European Union. Some even are considering conspiracy theories of how such a movement was initiated, is perpetuated, and who it helps (i.e. Russia, the US and their oil interests). What do you see in the stars for the EU's future?

A. Sorting out the conspiracy theories from what's happening on the ground and the shifting policies of the various nations involved makes this a complex issue. The chart I use for the European Union, set for November 1, 1993, currently has transiting Uranus squaring the natal Uranus-Neptune conjunction, which fits the disrupting influence caused by the flood of immigrants. Beyond that, I can't say how this will work itself out. What happens in Syria is, of course, relevant, and there we have a state of constant flux, not to mention the numerous surrounding players vying for control. How Russia and the U.S. come to terms (or not) with the Middle East is another unknown vector. In short, there are too many variables to make any definitive statement on the effects to the Eurozone. However, I will study the EU chart some more and see if any internally directed effort can be mustered to resolve the crisis.
re: Saturn-Neptune - As you pointed out in your (5) astrological events for November 2015, the Saturn/Neptune square on 11/26/2015 is prominent. You showed in the European Union chart that natal Neptune is being squared by transiting Uranus. I would like to point out that transiting Neptune in the Scorpio Rising USA chart is also squaring natal Uranus in the 8th house.
    So Uranus in the US chart has Neptune square to it while Neptune in the EU chart has a Uranus square in effect now. While Saturn afflicts both. Coincidence? I think all this shows the difficulty of maintaining our free Internet(Uranus) while Neptune is showing the downside of a border-free world.
     I very much hope that all this is the "irritant" that produces the "pearl" of gained wisdom as you so aptly state in your Newscope article. Sadly, I just do not know if the pearl is wishful thinking or what. People of good will know what this future world might look like but the way there is not at all clear.

re: Mog - Think they'll make Mog, the movie? I think it'd be great fun... love Emma Thompson... Thanks for the "heads up" video---hadn't seen this elsewhere...

re: EU - The last few days have shown a willingness to fight back against the terrorists that certainly does not reflect any "stunned paralysis" in the European Union. France and Russia are now cooperating in air strikes against ISIS in Syria and if the US would get off its duff maybe, just maybe some real progress could be made in defeating these monsters called ISIS. On another note even the hacking group Anonymous has finally realized ISIS is a greater threat than any western government to their vaunted freedom of ideas. All this to say, I do not think your interpretation of the EU chart is telling the real story

A. French president Hollande attempted to get the U.S. and Russia on the same page, but the two external powers do not agree on the fate of Syrian president Assad. But perhaps "stunned paralysis" is not the right interpretation of the progressed Midheaven to the EU's Mars-Pluto square Saturn. The Saturn-Pluto combination is known for its intense nationalism and conservative or tightening policies. Individually, the EU nations are closing their borders and ratcheting up security measures, which is in accord with the activation of the EU's Mars-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio. But it doesn't bode well for the EU as a larger geopolitical entity, which we might say is in a state of paralysis.
re: NewsScope - Around 3 years ago I was having problems with saving your NewsScope web pages and subsequently opening them in readable form in one of my three web browsers. I made no progress with having you getting Homestead to fix this.
  On a whim I tried doing it again several days ago. I now can open most of your NewsScope issues with either no or very few rendering issues. I can also easily save the pages as PDF files in Opera. This makes using your articles for research very easy.
  I have gone back and made PDF files for all of 2009 and 2010. Unfortunately the link for July 11, 2011 is incorrect. I get the NewsScope for November 7, 2011, Jon Corzine Resigns. If you could correct this I would appreciate it. I will wait to see if you can do it so I can keep my files in chronological order.

A. The software used to build NeptuneCafe's pages was originally designed to be pc-compatible. Those using apple products had some rendering issues, until the host (Homestead) moved the site designer platform into the cloud. It made pages viewable in both pc and apple products. The problem is that due to the hundreds of pages in NeptuneCafe, webpage designing takes much longer to do, and some mis-labling issues may crop up. If the July 11, 2011 page is the only one that got lost since 2009, then that's a decent track record. Readers who want a copy of the July 11, 2011 issue can get an emailed copy upon request.

re: NewsScope - I honestly think you are so incredibly gifted in the astrological world. I love trying to learn from what you write. I wish I had your ability. I've got more knowledge than most people who just dabble, but a Vulcan mind meld would be amazing to have the understanding....... 

re: Trump - When will he be gone? I was watching a biography of him last night. Mostly I was rolling my eyes and sighing. What the hell IS that? He so rubs me the wrong way. He is so horribly FULL of himself. That's Mars in Leo, isn't it?

A. Mars in Leo is found in more presidents charts - by far - than any other placement. It shows leadership, decisive opinions, and confidence. Trump's ego is inflated through Jupiter's placement, plus currently his progressed Sun near his Leo Ascendant, which conjoins the royal star Regulus. Most likely, he will be on the national scene through the campaign season since this progressed Sun is still 1/2 degree away from this important conjunction.

re: Zuckerberg rectification - Wow. Really, wow. Do you use any software to aid rectification?

A. I use SolarFire for my calculations, but none that suggest any birth times, such as Jigsaw. 

re: Insane Violence - Thank you for the warnings for what's up ahead re: The Insane Violence Configuration --- and for the December 2015 report. Like many, I'm glad to be aware of when the more stressful days might be during the "holiday" season & when to be more mindful of when my own stress is in danger of blowing off too much steam, or when family gatherings might be a bit more testy...yes---a good time of year to remember the peace, love and joy inspirations...

re: NewsScope subscription - Thanks for sending the current NewsScope. Maybe charging a fee for your weekly subscription will be a way for you to monetize your creativity. I've sent you $50/year for the past few years. Happy to pay more. People can pay. You do the work. We pay you. That works beautifully. 
  Nice to give it away to those in need on your website, but nicer still to receive it on a weekly basis in my mailbox. I think having people pay is important--for you and for them. You are really talented. I love reading your write ups.

A. OK, thank-you. That's something to think about.

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NewsScope for January 11, 2016
By Michael Wolfstar

The Lilith-Uranus-Pluto Configuration, Activated

As described in this month’s Astro-Event #2, 2016 kicked off with the activation of a powerful T-square linking transiting Black Moon Lilith with the explosive Uranus-Pluto square. The Sun in Capricorn triggered this T-square from January 4th to 7th, when “the Dark Side becomes an integral part of personal, social, and national scenarios.” 

In the U.S., the stock market had its worst first week of trading ever, dropping some 6%. Panic selling began in China and, as explained last August, China’s horoscope has a natal Mercury-Neptune conjunction in the same degree as the U.S. Saturn. This degree area is now being activated by this perilous T-square. Also, as Mercury turned retrograde right on China’s Aquarius Ascendant, the government implemented the controversial “circuit breaker”.

At the same time, tension between the Middle East’s two superpowers, Iran and Saudi Arabia, erupted following the conservative Sunni kingdom’s execution of a prominent Shiite cleric on January 2. The transiting T-square hit Saudi Arabia’s natal Ceres in Capricorn, which represents the governing family structure. Watch for an intensification of tensions over the coming month as this oil titan experiences a progressed Moon-Pluto conjunction squaring natal Uranus. 

Meanwhile, North Korea escalated regional tensions by detonating an underground atomic bomb, an action prompting condemnation from the UN Security Council “as a clear threat to international peace.” North Korea’s chart features its progressed Ascendant at 16º Cancer, which is within one degree of the transiting and activated T-square. This T-square is in effect all month, and will be further activated on the 25th when Mercury turns direct. And how was your week?
These bi-wheel segments show the U.S. chart in the center ring, with a few of the tight progressions for August 19, 1964 in the outer ring, when Beatlemania began.
El Chapo Captured Again

The second richest man in Mexico and one of the world’s most powerful drug kingpins was captured last Friday, six months after he escaped from a maximum security prison. Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman had established communication lines with actor Sean Penn to produce a biopic, which allowed investigators to track him down. Two birth dates are widely circulating for El Chapo, but an astrological comparison validates April 4, 1957 (La Tuna, Mexico; time unknown).
El Chapo’s Sun at 14º Aries tells much of the tale: it’s right in line with the transiting Lilith-Uranus-Pluto T-square that was energized last week. Also, his Sun conjoins Venus, a well-known signature for the vanity that led to his downfall. His Sun-Venus trines Saturn, which enabled him to build a reliable and prosperous infrastructure around his drug trafficking enterprise.

El Chapo’s Moon-Mars conjunction in Gemini opposes Saturn, a three-planet combination that promotes a quick temper, irritability, and impulsive violence. This mean-spirited polarity is not found in the other cited birth date (December 25, 1954), and explains his record of murder and carnage. The Moon-Mars-Saturn dynamic also explains the beatings he received from his father as a child, and the psychological imprint that led to a lifetime of defying authority.
Mercury in the last degree of Aries contributes to El Chapo’s wiliness: its challenging aspects to Uranus and Neptune, and its trine to Pluto allow him to “think outside the box”. His escapes from prison, his battles with rival gangs, and his elusiveness from the federales can be attributed to the bold thinking symbolized by this Mercury placement. He should become a popular media sensation for months to come as his progressed Sun sextiles natal Venus. 
Beatlemania Resurfaces

On Christmas Eve a fabulous collection of digitally remastered Beatles albums became available for streaming on nine websites, including Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify. Since then, numerous Beatles’ songs have been moving steadily up the charts, with “Come Together” being the favorite. Beatlemania first hit the U.S. in 1964, and now a new generation of listeners is tuning in with enthusiasm.

Astrologically, Chiron is one of the main indicators for the re-birth of Beatlemania, since exactly one Chiron cycle ago (51 years), the Beatles embarked on a month-long tour that generated immense fan hysteria. The opening concert began on August 19, 1964 when transiting Chiron was at 17º Pisces, which is exactly where the “Wounded Healer” is today. Psychologists suggest that teens were unable to cope with JFK’s assassination, and this was some kind of collective relief.

And of course Neptune was a major factor since it was near the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant and squaring the Midheaven. Also, the progressed Midheaven at 22º Aquarius was precisely quincunx (150º) natal Neptune. Neptune is relevant as the natural ruler of music, and in the U.S. Scorpio Rising chart, rules the 5th house of youth and entertainment. Mercury is the planet associated with youth, and also at this time, progressed Mercury was opposing natal Mercury in the 9th house, leading to what was called “The British Invasion”. 

Black Moon Lilith is a surprising leading indicator. The U.S progressed Sun at 19º Capricorn was exactly trine the U.S. Lilith at 19º Virgo. The progressed Sun was also squaring natal Chiron, underscoring how the wounded collective psyche was being healed by this ubiquitous euphoria surrounding the Beatles. A new craze seized the American public for one full month, timed to the U.S. progressed Moon and Lilith being in exact square. Currently trends of insane violence are now being similarly assuaged by the Beatles’ exuberant harmonies.
Saudi Arabia's chart is looking intense! Saudi Arabia was previously profiled in June 2011.