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What is Black Moon Lilith doing in your chart?
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How Black Moon Lilith is calculated
The Moon's orbit around the Earth is elliptical, not circular. Ellipses have two focal points, and when considering the Moon's orbit, the Earth is one of those focal points. The other is invisible. Astronomers refer to this empty point as the Lunar Apogee, while astrologers call it Black Moon Lilith. There are two ways to calculate the Lunar Apogee, and these are the Mean position and the True position. Lilith’s position on these pages is determined by using the Mean Apogee, which advances at a consistent rate and was used by the ancient Greeks to predict eclipses. Some astrologers prefer the True Apogee which oscillates wildly, up to 30º from the Mean position. Both points are valid. Read DHarmony's blog for the week's true bml aspects.
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Lilith in the Age of Aquarius

NewsScope, June 17, 2013; The fabulous Antithykera device, often described as the world’s first analog computer, was initially constructed around 87 BC. Over the last decade, investigators realized that the device’s many gears could track the movements of the known planets and Solar Eclipses. The most mysterious gear was only recently discovered to be a calculation of the Moon’s apogee, which astrologers now refer to as Black Moon Lilith. 
The emergence from the sea of this mysterious archetype parallels the shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. This dark feminine goddess is primarily concerned about human dignity, and aims to contrast ego-driven illusions with our collective, transpersonal connections. Lilith is especially interested in women’s equality, but also represents the rebellion against subservience and oppression wherever they may occur.

Ideally, Lilith in Aquarius expresses the democratic perspective of equal rights, while Lilith in Leo represents the hero who can bring liberation from tyrannical forces. This week at the G8 Summit, Presidents Obama and Putin will face off over Syria. Curiously, they were born nine years apart, exactly one Lilith cycle: Obama has Lilith at 20º Leo while Putin’s Lilith is at 21º Leo. They are both trying to play the hero in Syria, but from opposite sides. 

Christopher Nolan, the producer of the grim Man of Steel, was born one Lilith cycle after Obama (July 30, 1970) and also has Lilith in Leo. All these prominent cultural icons are illuminating the dark side, bringing their special creative twist to tragic scenarios that need remedies. Those with Lilith in Aquarius, like the dissident Edward Snowden or Superman actor Henry Cavill, have to go through an ego-cleansing process in exile (whether that be in Hong Kong or the Arctic) before returning to society to play out their self-proclaimed heroic roles. 

Front Page - you are here. FAQs, calculating Lilith, articles featuring Lilith in the charts of newsmakers.  Previews of the Lilith pages can be found below Lunar Apogee graphic.

The Astrology of Lilith - how to interpret Black Moon Lilith, keywords and concepts, Lilith as a process. Plus articles featuring Lilith: James Holmes's rampage in Aurora, LeAnn Rimes and Patsy Cline, Clint Eastwood talks to an invisible chair, Russia and the Pussy Riot verdict, and Lilith in Israel's chart.

Lilith Research - Lilith from the old sitcom Cheers brought us the first glimpse of this archetype in popular culture. Read about the research project that proves Black Moon Lilith is a statistically significant factor in comedians' charts and shows a strong negative correlation in the horoscopes of scientists. 

Then, Lilith is described in each of the twelve signs and illustrated by a celebrity profile:

Aries through Virgo - Richard Pryor (Aries), Jay Leno (Taurus), Mark Twain (Gemini), Peter Sellers (Cancer), Groucho Marx (Leo), and Woody Allen (Virgo).

Libra through Pisces - Jerry Seinfeld (Libra), Goldie Hawn (Scorpio), Lucille Ball (Sagitarius), Bob Hope (Capricorn), Charlie Sheen (Aquarius), and Ellen DeGeneres (Pisces). 
NSA’s Culture of Secrecy

NewsScope, June 10, 2013; On October 24, 1952 (10:45 am*; Washington DC), President Truman signed a seven-page memorandum ordering the creation of the 
Perhaps more impressive, however, is the close conjunction of Black Moon Lilith and Pluto in the 8th house, an intense combination describing a relentless search into the hidden assets, liaisons, and conspiracies that could undermine national security. Mercury in Scorpio squares Lilith-Pluto, intensifying the need to know everything and anything that influences national security. Jupiter in Taurus completes a T-square with these planets, providing financial backing for the world’s largest data-mining enterprise.

On October 26, 2001, President Bush signed the Patriot Act, which further empowered NSA in its intelligence-gathering mission. At the time, the progressed Midheaven was at 2º Sagittarius, right on the important 12th house Venus. An historic turning point had been reached. Underscoring this development was transiting Pluto in the 12th house forming a supportive sextile to the Midheaven. But Bush wasn’t legally allowed to spy on Americans yet.
The critical change came with the signing of the Protect America Act on August 5, 2007, which gave NSA the legal right to enlist Microsoft, Google and the other leading internet providers access to private email. At the time, transiting Pluto was exactly conjunct NSA’s progressed Sun at 26º Sagittarius, while transiting Lilith was right on NSA’s Scorpio Sun. All the hoopla over NSA’s questionable tactics arrived last week as the transiting Uranus-Pluto square aligned with NSA’s Capricorn Moon. Government surveillance (Pluto in Capricorn) vs. individual rights (Uranus in Aries) is on the celestial calendar.
* According to James Bamford’s 1982 exposé The Puzzle Palace, “It was the birth certificate for America’s newest and most secret agency, so secret in fact that only a handful in the government would be permitted to know of its existence.”
The time is speculative, but based on Truman’s off the record meeting with the leaders of the intelligence community. See his schedule for the day 
National Security Agency. The Sun in secretive Scorpio and the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in the 10th house adequately describe NSA’s administrative control (Saturn) over veiled affairs (Neptune). And Venus, the ruler of the Midheaven (NSA’s purpose), is located in the secretive 12th house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I wonder how you figure out where and if Black Moon Lilith is in your chart. 

A. First, Lilith is in everyone’s chart, so if you have an astrology calculation program, it’s just a matter of enabling her as a displayed point. Second, it’s important to know that Black Moon Lilith has a mean and true position. I use the mean position, as do most Europeans who tend to use Lilith more than Chiron (especially the French). The most referenced site is astrodienst, where you can find your mean Lilith. Just click on the year that you’re interested in. You'll get an ephemeris for that year which includes Black Moon Lilith on the far right next to Chiron.

Q. Why should I consider using Black Moon Lilith in my charts?

A. Lilith is an emerging archetype, a feminine power long dormant due to patriarchal repression. In my view, Lilith is more culturally and personally relevant than any of the recently discovered planets beyond Pluto, and on a par with the four main asteroids.

Q. How did you get involved with Lilith?

A. I’ve been vaguely aware of Lilith for quite some time, but not until Romney was defeated in the 2012 election did I fully grasp the importance of Lilith in the horoscope. See the NewsScope article below, "Romney's Black Moon Lilith", for what turned out to be a turning point in my appreciation for Lilith.

Q. Where is the U.S. Lilith?

A. She conjoins the U.S. Neptune and squares Mars. Lilith is associated with Americans’ passion for guns and sex. By secondary progression, Lilith and Mars will be conjunct in the U.S. 12th house in 2023, a very powerful configuration that is already creating havoc. See the article on James Holmes for more on this subject.

Q. I see references to four different Liliths. Which one is the most important?

A. Yes, there are four Liliths: asteroid 1181, a hypothetical Dark Moon Lilith, and a mean and true position for the Moon's apogee, which are the two alternative positions for Black Moon Lilith. In addition, the "evil star" Algol is also associated with Lilith. Personally, I don't deal with hypothetical planets, but any and all the rest may be relevant in the charts. However, on these pages, the focus is on the mean position of Black Moon Lilith.
This biwheel segment shows Romney's natal chart on the inside and his progressions to October 30 on the outside.
Romney’s Black Moon Lilith

NewsScope, October 1, 2012; When I look at Romney’s progressed chart and consider the traditional aspects and planets, I don’t see how he can lose. His progressed Midheaven, the symbol of his evolving professional status, is entering into a very favorable trine to natal Pluto. Likewise, his progressed Moon is in the same area, and completing an empowering trine to his Pluto in mid-October. That’s a solid formula for success.
However, with the addition of Black Moon Lilith (BML), the picture changes. BML is often associated with resentment, anger and hate. Romney’s natal Lilith is located at 4º Capricorn in the 8th house of other people’s money. BML here represents his reliance on campaign contributions from wealthy benefactors. Naturally, BML has a shadow side, and Romney – loathing his own need to beg for money – belittled the 47 percent of Americans who are “victims” and “dependent upon government”. 
Romney’s Black Moon Lilith forms a stressful quincunx to his North Node at 5º Gemini, where it creates a so-called “missing step” in his karmic path. Consciously integrating Lilith into his personality means understanding his own financial dependence, and accepting that others are working out their finances as best they can. On May 17, 2012 when his 47 percent remarks were secretly taped, Romney’s progressed Moon was squaring natal BML.

By secondary progression, BML hasn’t advanced very far: it’s currently at 11º 47’ Capricorn. In this location, it forms a harsh quincunx to his natal Pluto, and picks up a challenging square from Romney’s progressed Midheaven. Romney’s progressed Moon, moving one degree per month, has advanced from the square to natal BML and will square his progressed BML on October 30. This growing influence over the coming month confirms that Romney will be defensively reacting to the enraged 47 percent right through the election.
NewsScope articles featuring Black Moon Lilith are in this column: 
Lilith Menu
Lilith in Scorpio – relentlessly explores the region between love and desire, often falling victim to feelings of suspicion or fears of betrayal – all of which makes great material for the humorist. The strong erotic feelings of this placement are never truly fulfilled with another person, leading to shadowy projections that can disrupt normal social interactions. At its best, Lilith here makes fun of these melodramatic scenes, battling obsessions and psychic attacks.

Goldie Hawn (November 21, 1945; 9:20 am; Washington, DC) was born with an exact Venus-Lilith conjunction in Scorpio, a sexy combination that has an extra dose of magnetic undercurrents by squaring Pluto. Lilith is given added attention in this chart by her elevated position, and close aspects to the Sagittarius Ascendant and her Gemini Moon.
What else could she do but enter the professional world as a comedian? The Lilith-Venus pair is located in her tenth house of career. She entered the national awareness by playing a dumb blonde on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, which first aired on September 9, 1967 as a pilot for a sitcom. At the time, Goldie’s progressed Midheaven was exactly conjunct her Venus-Lilith.

Goldie became a regular cast member on the show, which lasted through 1973. Her character’s shtick was always the same: she was expected to deliver a silly joke but would invariably break out in high-pitched giggles before the punch line. She would then compose herself and deliver a polished performance. Here’s Lilith working on her psyche – she’s already laughing internally and can’t restrain herself. Then Saturn takes over (Goldie’s Scorpio Sun trines Saturn), and she performs as expected.

Goldie capitalized on her comedic talents and made several well-received romantic comedies during the Laugh-In years. In 1972, following the Scorpio-Pluto theme of regeneration, she became involved in Buddhism, which she continued to practice and promote over the coming decades. When her film Butterflies Are Free premiered on July 6, 1972, critics noticed the difference. Time magazine observed that “Goldie Hawn, as the girl next door, has come a long way since her giddy role in Laugh-In; she is often genuinely touching.” 

At the time, Goldie’s progressed Midheaven had advanced to 14º Scorpio, and on the day of the premiere, transiting Lilith was at 14º Scorpio. Clearly, Goldie had done the necessary inner work to grow as a person, and it dramatically improved her professional expression. She went on to make many more comedies, but now with increased sensitivity and nuanced performances. 
In Living Lilith, Kelley Hunter offers some guidance about interpreting the astrological Lilith: "Lilith resonates with other dark goddesses or witches of mystery and power. Clearly associated with magic, she ultimately regenerates us through direct experiences of sacrifice, surrender, sexuality and mysticism. Consider her themes of autonomy, exile, extremism, denial, and the clouds of regret and betrayal."

"Black Moon is related to karmic imprints and our 'calling'.... Black Moon shuts doors and opens only the One that is true.... She comes in dreams when our bodies and minds are asleep. Our thoughts are then turned off and she can whisper her secrets and images and even, perhaps, transport us to other realms. She reasons not with the rational mind but communes at a soul level."

"Our task is to unwrap the dark veils that mask the light of the soul. This is Lilith's strategy, to uncover -- to reveal the bare, naked Truth. How daunting and threatening this prospect can seem. The very alchemical process Lilith beckons us into is indelibly transformaitonal and can become the hallmark of our lives."

"As we consider Lilith in the signs, we can ask, 'What would be the impact of the 'uninvited' in each zodiac placement? This leads us to consider the difficult, challenging, darker territory of each sign, the shadow side. As these dimensions are worked through, the creative promise comes alive."
"Black Moon Lilith lures us into self-centered illusions and demonstrates the undesirability of such a stance, so that we seek a deeper desire within our hearts, following the yearnings of our soul." 
~ Kim Hunter, from Living Lilith
Here's a sample of what you'll find on the Lilith Profiles pages. Each segment begins with a description of Lilith in the sign, and then is illustrated by a celebrity comedian. 
Go to Aries thru Virgo or Libra thru Pisces for the rest of the stories.
Here's a snippet from the Astrology of Lilith page
Remember the character named Lilith in the old sitcom “Cheers”? Lilith was the ridiculously formal psychiatrist and the wife of fellow psychiatrist Frasier Crane. Lilith was played by actress Bebe Neuwirth (b. December 31, 1958), who was born 
with her Sun and Venus in stiff Capricorn. Her Sun forms a Grand trine with Black Moon Lilith and Pluto, so that she instinctively understands and acts the part of Lilith. In the sitcom, Lilith is an empowered woman in a male-dominated profession, yet she’s a truly funny character. We laugh at her because she’s so absurdly stuck
in her exaggerated competence and self-importance. And we laugh when her Inner Wild Woman breaks through the professional facade.
Here's the introduction to the Lilith Research page