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Black Moon Lilith
The Comedians’ Muse
Lilith Profiles, Introduction

One of the fascinating processes associated with the Lilith archetype is that life tends to be unfulfilling, depressing, and unrewarding until the right path is taken. For those meant to be comedians, Lilith’s activations by transits and progressions often mark key developments in their careers. Transiting Lilith takes nearly nine years to navigate around the zodiac. By secondary progression, she advances slowly, just one degree every nine years. 

In the Comedians file, Black Moon Lilith falls in some signs far more than others. One would expect an average of five or six comedians in each sign (64/12 = 5.3), but Lilith is in Aries only twice. Taurus is also low with only three comedians having Lilith here. The other fire signs are off the charts in terms of expectations, with Leo having ten comedians and Sagittarius having eight. The rest of the signs all have from four to seven, which considering the margin of error, is normal. Most of the signs have five or six.

Of the 64 entries, only 19 are female. Six of those are in Sagittarius, which seems unusually high, and potentially, a statistical phenomenon worth additional research using a larger sample size. Those with Lilith in the sign of the Archer are: Lucille Ball, Bill Cosby, Whoopi Goldberg, Jean Harlow, Danny Kaye, Ginger Rogers, Rosalyn Russell, and Mae West.

Psychologists tell us that having a good sense of humor promotes mental health and overall well-being. Laughter relieves stress, refreshes the mind, and improves communication. It produces positive emotions that release health-inducing hormones into the brain. Lilith, as the comedians’ muse, is your guide to releasing tension and promoting your sense of humor. 

Lilith in each sign describes twelve ways to enhance your sense of humor or twelve modes of comedic expression. When Lilith is consciously expressed and the Saturn side of the psyche has relinquished control, the style is confident, occasionally outrageous, and often hilarious. Hard aspects to Lilith or a strong Saturn complex can ruin one’s sense of humor. Coaxing Saturn to let go and tuning into Lilith can reverse depression and ill health. For comedians, Lilith can help turn a neurotic tendency into an entertaining asset by exaggerating the inner conflict to the point of absurdity.
The material here is excerpted from the July 2013 issue of Dell Horoscope
Lilith is a force to reckon with, and a powerful determinate in specific types of characters and professions.  As a comedian, Lilith knows that laughter is the music of the soul.
The Comedians' File
A Lilith Research Project

I looked through my celebrity charts for other comedians, and was surprised by how many had Sun-Lilith aspects. For this task, I used SolarFire since it allows one to search files using a pre-determined set of criteria, such as a Sun-Lilith aspect. I decided to create a file devoted solely to comedians and humorists, and find out exactly what percentage had this Lilith connection. 

Some of the parameters applied in making this file were using the Mean position of Black Moon Lilith, using a standard orb of 6º  to 8º for the major aspects and 2º to 3º for the minor aspects (quincunx, semi-square and sesquisquare), and using only well-known, recognizable comedians. I also wanted to check out what else Lilith was doing in the chart, like aspecting the angles and Moon, so I limited my entries to those with known birth times. Unfortunately, this left off quite a few interesting comedians, but in the end, I came up with a list of 64. 

To be totally scientific about the process, I had to compare the number of Sun-Lilith hits to the expected probability of finding a Sun-Lilith hit. In statistics, this is known as the Expected Value. Mapping out the number of degrees where Lilith could land and be called a hit meant adding up the degree areas around each aspect. Using the standard orb (pre-set in SolarFire), this came to 128 degrees. The Expected Value expressed as a percentage is 128/360 which is 35%.

Then, doing a chart search for Sun-Lilith aspects in the “Comedians” file, the results came up with a list of 31, which is 48% of the total. This is one third higher than the Expected Value, and surely an indicator that suggests a strong correlation between Sun-Lilith aspects and being a comedian! This doesn’t necessarily infer causation, since many people with Sun-Lilith aspects aren’t comedians. But within this category, nearly half have Lilith shaping up their sense of self, as symbolized by the Sun.

To see what the random deviation might be, I ran the same search for several other categories, other files in SolarFire. In the rather large file named “Celebrities”, the results showed 38% have a Sun-Lilith aspect, only 3% from what was expected. My client file showed 37%, the Australian file came up with 37%, writers had 34%, and the financial charts file had 37%. These are all within 3% of the Expected Value, which confirms that comedians have some special relationship with Lilith. 

And to be clear, the Lilith used here is the Mean position. The True position is used by some astrologers, and quite often, the difference between the True and Mean Lilith is large, 30 degrees or more. True Lilith bounces all over the place and is said to “oscillate”. When I calculated the comedians’ True Black Moon Lilith, only 31% had Sun-Lilith aspects using the standard orb, which is on the low end of the Expected Value. True Lilith has no sense of humor, while Mean Lilith does. This may help researchers distinguish between the two.

SolarFire has a file called Infamous, which contains nefarious, well-known individuals such as killers, celebrity prostitutes, religious fanatics, and gangsters. As most astrologers who use Lilith might guess, this file has a 45% hit rate (20 from a list of 44). Curiously, only 22% in the Scientists file had Sun-Lilith links. This is also well out of the Expected Value, but as a negative correlation. 

I then ran the same analysis using different orbs, one set for 5º and another set for 1º. The 5º test had an Expected Value of 30%, and when running the search in the Comedians file, the results showed a 42% fit. Proportionately, this is even more out of range than the results from using the standard orb. It’s a statistical anomaly. All the other searches came out with similar results as when using the standard orb. 

The 1º orb test, however, was even more greatly skewed. In this test, only 28º in the entire 360º zodiac qualified as a hit, with an Expected Value of 7.8%. The resulting search for Comedians came out at 14.1%, nearly double what might be expected. The rest of the file searches (with the exceptions of Infamous and Scientists) were distributed between 6% and 9%. The Infamous had a value of 13.6% and Scientists came in at only 2.3%. Clearly, Lilith is a force to reckon with, and a powerful determinate in specific types of characters and professions.  
Lilith in Taurus – connects with the stuff of life – the traditions, memories, responsibilities and attachments to people and things. Lilith here is alert to sexual innuendos, giving a crude sense of humor under stressful aspects, or evoking light-hearted amusement if well-aspected. This placement often weighs in on the haves and have-nots, and can make good use of props and gadgets. At her best, Lilith here offers endurance and a legacy.
Jay Leno (April 28, 1950; 2:03 am; New Rochelle, NY) was born with his Sun conjunct Lilith in Taurus, so that he personifies Lilith in this sign. His long-standing gig as the host of The Tonight Show is an elegant reflection of the tradition, endurance and legacy associated with this placement. Fortunately for him, his Saturn forms a trine to his Sun-Lilith, allowing 
Leno’s Sun-Lilith is also shaped by a square to Pluto, which intensifies his need to succeed as a comic. Sun-Lilith square Pluto turned him into a workaholic, obsessive about being funny every waking minute. As long as he’s been doing The Tonight Show, Leno has been going to Las Vegas and other venues every weekend to perform stand-up comedy. He says he sleeps only 4-5 hours a night.

In fixed signs, the endurance side of this combination is underscored, but when change does come, it can be traumatic and/or deeply transformative. Leno made his first appearance on The Tonight Show on March 2, 1977. At the time, transiting Saturn was in Leo, nearing his Pluto, and only 1/2º from squaring his Lilith. Saturn was testing his ability to make people laugh. A concurrent Jupiter-Lilith transit allowed him to pull it off, since this happy combo conjoined his Mercury. 

Over the following decade, his progressed Lilith would square his Pluto. This aspect was exact in 1987 when he became Johnny Carson’s permanent guest host. David Letterman, who’s Late Night Show followed Carson at the 11:30 pm slot, was led to believe that he would be Carson’s successor, but on June 6, 1991, NBC announced that that honor would go to Leno. At the time, Leno’s progressed Lilith and progressed Pluto were nearly exactly square (orb: 0º14’), which left some bitter feelings. Letterman took his show to CBS to do head-to-head battle in the ratings game.
him to joke endlessly about patriarchal foibles and folks’ amusing encounters with the stuff of life.
Lilith, a Funny Gal
Remember the character named Lilith in the old sitcom “Cheers”? Lilith was the ridiculously formal psychiatrist and the wife of fellow psychiatrist Frasier Crane. Lilith was played by actress Bebe Neuwirth (b. December 31, 1958), who was born with her Sun and Venus in stiff Capricorn. Her Sun forms a Grand trine with Black Moon Lilith and Pluto, so that she instinctively understands and acts the part of Lilith. In the sitcom, Lilith is an empowered woman in a male-dominated profession, yet she’s a truly funny character. We laugh at her because she’s so absurdly stuck in her exaggerated competence and self-importance. And we laugh when her Inner Wild Woman breaks through the professional facade.
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