Black Moon Lilith
The Comedians’ Muse
Lilith in Libra – delights in defying Saturn’s proprieties, especially in the relationship department. Lilith has no respect for the institution of marriage and other traditional social boundaries. Under pressure, this placement is paralyzed with indecision, constantly weighing the pros and cons of important relationships, with the cons being the indignities, frustrations, and tensions that build up. Ideally, a middle ground can be found where personal space and closeness operate harmoniously.

Lilith in Capricorn – strives for control, competency, and accomplishment without submitting to social hierarchies. The lesson of power comes with this placement, and ideally leads to self-mastery rather than being an autocrat or the dupe of arbitrary authority. Under stress, Lilith here can lead to envy, self-abnegating behavior, and undignified subservience – or the contrary – corruption and taking undue advantage of one’s position. Integrity and honor come from being true to one-self.
The material here is excerpted from the July 2013 issue of Dell Horoscope
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Lilith in Scorpio – relentlessly explores the region between love and desire, often falling victim to feelings of suspicion or fears of betrayal – all of which makes great material for the humorist. The strong erotic feelings of this placement are never truly fulfilled with another person, leading to shadowy projections that can disrupt normal social interactions. At its best, Lilith here makes fun of these melodramatic scenes, battling obsessions and psychic attacks.

Jerry Seinfeld (April 29, 1954; 6:00 am; Brooklyn, NY) was born with his Taurus Sun opposite Saturn, a condition most astrologers would associate with a serious, ambitious demeanor. 
Lilith in Sagittarius – enjoys playing the clown, bending the rules, and acting out amusing hypocrisies. Lilith here is a truth-teller and has little patience for what other people may think. Her story-telling ability and adventurous spirit tramples ethical considerations and accepted protocol. Under stress, this placement can promote the self-righteous dictator and double standards. When granted free expression, Lilith here becomes a fearless warrior exposing corruption and false beliefs.

Lilith in Aquarius – processes information quickly, and tends to be keenly interested in social trends, especially those that are unusual, futuristic, or progressive. Under stress, this placement can lead to odd behavior or attachment to peculiar ideas or theories. When operating smoothly, Lilith here is electric, charismatic, and stimulating within group dynamics. The individual functions best when surrounded with like-minded friends, but otherwise may become a scapegoat or feel alienated.
Lilith in Pisces – wanders between internal images of reality, fantasy and illusion which weave a dreamlike sensitivity to environmental and spiritual influences. Under stress, Lilith here can represent a lost soul, a social outcast, or a martyr for her beliefs. Self-delusion, addiction, depression and feelings of guilt may arise when straying from the accepted norm. Positively expressed, Lilith brings fulfillment through honest exploration of life’s truths beyond patriarchal platitudes. 
But Lilith brings out his Inner Comedian by being prominently placed in Libra with an exact conjunction to Neptune, and a network of close aspects around the chart. The Sun-Saturn opposition and Lilith in Libra have combined to give him an observational style of humor which focuses on his personal relationships and uncomfortable social obligations and situations. 
His popular sitcom Seinfeld is a stage for Lilith running rampant, where she makes all intimate relationships futile. Jerry’s best friend George is portrayed as a loser who is cheap and lies about his accomplishments, which usually gets him in hot water with their circle of acquaintances. His whacky neighbor Kramer would burst through the front door (without knocking) to announce his latest scheme. 

Elaine, Jerry’s ex-girlfriend, is constantly getting caught up in her latest boyfriend’s quirks, has a short fuse, and is overly friendly with Jerry though they’re just friends. When she receives good or bad news, she gives a forceful shove while exclaiming “Get out!” – a humorous trademark that crosses the border for personal contact. Elaine is played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus (b. January 13, 1961) who was born with her Capricorn Sun opposite Lilith, so that she excels at personifying this barely restrained Wild Woman.

Seinfeld’s Lilith forms a tight trine to his Jupiter in the 2nd house of money, indicating how his sense of humor made him rich. The show ran nine years and by the last season, Jerry earned $267 million, making him the highest-earning celebrity for that year. He turned down a $5 million per episode to do a tenth season. Lilith’s cycle makes it clear why he would do only nine seasons. The sitcom was aired in 1989 when Jerry was going through his Lilith Return. It ended nine years later when transiting Lilith was next coming around to his natal Lilith.
Goldie Hawn (November 21, 1945; 9:20 am; Washington, DC) was born with an exact Venus-Lilith conjunction in Scorpio, a sexy combination that has an extra dose of magnetic undercurrents by squaring Pluto. Lilith is given added attention in this chart by her elevated position, and close aspects to the Sagittarius Ascendant and her Gemini Moon.
What else could she do but enter the professional world as a comedian? The Lilith-Venus pair is located in her tenth house of career. She entered the national awareness by playing a dumb blonde on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, which first aired on September 9, 1967 as a pilot for a sitcom. At the time, Goldie’s progressed Midheaven was exactly conjunct her Venus-Lilith.

Goldie became a regular cast member on the show, which lasted through 1973. Her character’s shtick was always the same: she was expected to deliver a silly joke but would invariably break out in high-pitched giggles before the punch line. She would then compose herself and deliver a polished performance. Here’s Lilith working on her psyche – she’s already laughing internally and can’t restrain herself. Then Saturn takes over (Goldie’s Scorpio Sun trines Saturn), and she performs as expected.

Goldie capitalized on her comedic talents and made several well-received romantic comedies during the Laugh-In years. In 1972, following the Scorpio-Pluto theme of regeneration, she became involved in Buddhism, which she continued to practice and promote over the coming decades. When her film Butterflies Are Free premiered on July 6, 1972, critics noticed the difference. Time magazine observed that “Goldie Hawn, as the girl next door, has come a long way since her giddy role in Laugh-In; she is often genuinely touching.” 

At the time, Goldie’s progressed Midheaven had advanced to 14º Scorpio, and on the day of the premiere, transiting Lilith was at 14º Scorpio. Clearly, Goldie had done the necessary inner work to grow as a person, and it dramatically improved her professional expression. She went on to make many more comedies, but now with increased sensitivity and nuanced performances. 
Lucille Ball (August 6, 1911; 5:00 pm; Jamestown, NY) was born with her Leo Sun trioctile (135º) Lilith in Sagittarius. Lilith gains influence by being near the Capricorn Ascendant, so that she identifies with this adventurous Wild Woman.
Lilith also opposes Pluto near the Descendant and squares Venus, making a tricky T-square that accents her animal magnetism and eroticism. Lilith in this powerful position can create trouble in relationships since it disdains commitments and fosters spontaneous fascinations.
In the 1930s Lucy played many roles in small films, earning her a reputation for being “Queen of the B’s” – an apt title for a Leo actress. But the epithet was also belittling because she never achieved star status. In 1940 she met Desi Arnaz, a Cuban bandleader. They fell in love and eloped on November 30, 1940. For once in her life, love and marriage worked since her progressed Juno (the marriage asteroid) had conjoined her Midheaven and was forming a supportive sextile to her Lilith.

The magic quickly faded. Lucy filed for divorce in 1944. She suspected her husband of womanizing and hated his binge drinking. They stayed together though when he promised to reform. Still, their relationship remained tumultuous, as her dynamic Lilith position promised.

Eventually, Lucy and Desi would team up to make I Love Lucy, which was her way of keeping an eye on him. The show first aired on October 15, 1951, but before it did, Lucy and Desi had to prove to CBS executives that an all-American girl married to a Cuban bandleader was a believable premise. They developed a vaudeville act and toured the country for a year, demonstrating that audiences loved them.

By the time of the show’s debut, Lucy’s Lilith had progressed to her Ascendant, which created a new identity for her as America’s favorite comedienne. The sitcom was the most watched television show in four of its six seasons, and remains popular in re-runs around the globe.  I Love Lucy shot her to superstardom, but it didn’t save her marriage.
Bob Hope (May 29, 1903; 3:36 pm; Elham, UK) was born with his Sun in quick-witted Gemini where it forms a trioctile (135º) to Lilith in Capricorn. His sense of humor is enhanced by Lilith’s sextile to Jupiter, and given a military outlet by the trine to Mars.
Hope’s Moon, the ruler of his Midheaven, is located at 14º Cancer, where it conjoins the U.S. Sun and provides a strong sense of patriotism.
Hope’s film career began when the comedy Going Spanish premiered on March 2, 1934. Transiting Pluto was exactly opposite his Lilith at the time, and heading toward his Midheaven. His best known comedies were the series of “Road” pictures with co-stars Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour. The first one was Road to Singapore, which premiered on March 22, 1940 as transiting Lilith, Uranus and Neptune were all aspecting his natal Lilith.

Also that year, Hope performed his first USO show. Transiting Pluto had arrived at his Midheaven, and World War II was about to begin. His sterling public reputation was enhanced by his marriage to Dolores, which lasted 69 years. Juno trine his Midheaven facilitated this apparently happy union.

But it was a public relations ploy. Hope’s Lilith – the wild woman who scorns marriage - opposes Venus and squares his Libra Ascendant. This amorous dynamic in the chart of an alpha male in a patriarchal society brought many beautiful women into his sphere of influence, and he never hesitated to take advantage of that. Notice that his Mars sits right on the cusp of the 12th house of secret activity, which emphasizes a hidden side to his public persona.

In July 1956, Confidential magazine published the first exposé about his philandering ways. In it, Barbara Payton revealed how Hope set her up with an apartment for late night visits. At the time, Hope’s progressed Lilith was exactly opposite his Midheaven, potentially undermining his reputation. A few years later, Arthur Marx’s biography The Secret Life of Bob Hope spilled the beans about the comedian’s lecherous side, which astrologers can recognize via his Black Moon Lilith.
Charlie Sheen (Sept. 3, 1965; 10:48 pm; New York, NY) was born with Lilith in Aquarius where it conjoins his Midheaven and is flanked by two asteroids: Pallas and Juno. Lilith’s position is accented by the quincunx (150º) to his Virgo Sun and the square to Mars in Scorpio. 
While the Sun-Lilith connection gives him a comedian’s touch, the challenging Lilith-Mars aspect is responsible for much of his so-called bad-boy behavior.
His character in the popular sitcom Two and a Half Men was loosely based on his own bad behavior, built around his appeal as an alpha male in a patriarchal society. In a man’s chart, a prominent Lilith can produce a confirmed bachelor, though with Lilith conjunct his Juno (the marriage asteroid), Sheen was drawn into self-destructive marriages. By 2010, when his progressed Lilith was exactly quincunx his natal Sun, Sheen was earning $1.8 million per episode, making him TV’s top-paid actor. But he wanted more as he was going in and out of drug rehabilitation for cocaine abuse. 

Also at this time, Sheen’s progressed Mars was squaring his Sun, filling him with aggressive, egotistical demands. Progressed Mars was simultaneously sextile his progressed Lilith at his Midheaven, giving him a hyper-inflated opinion of his talent and place in the universe. The cocaine just made it worst and brought out his delusional Lilith tendencies. He was fired from Two and a Half Men on March 7, 2011. He explained to one interviewer, “I’m tired of pretending I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars.” 

Since then, Sheen has made practical use of his Mars-Lilith connection with his role in Anger Management, a comedy series based on the 2003 Jack Nicholson film. The first episode on June 28, 2012 became the most watched sitcom premiere in cable history. This new opportunity arrived as transiting Jupiter conjoined Sheen’s Gemini Ascendant while forming a trine to his Lilith. And it was facilitated by transiting Uranus sextile his Lilith. Transiting Pluto trine his Sun helped him to re-invent himself.
Ellen DeGeneres (January 26, 1958; 3:30 am; New Orleans, LA) was born with a friendly, charming Sun-Venus conjunction in Aquarius that opposes free-spirited Uranus. This configuration enjoys experimenting in alternative lifestyles which may be seen as unethical in proper society. Lilith in Pisces is located right on her 4th house cusp where it squares a Mars-Saturn conjunction in her first house.
Saturn’s influence on her Lilith restrains any impulse to break free and declare herself a lesbian. Mars is more impulsive and impatiently pushes against convention. Ellen’s keen observations in her stand-up comedy routines became the basis for her popular sitcom Ellen, which ran from 1994 to 1998. But by 1997, the storylines – uninspiring interactions with uninspiring men - were getting weak and ratings were falling. She and the producers decided that the show’s character should come out of the closet and declare her true sexual orientation. 

Simultaneously, on the cover of the April 14, 1997 issue of Time magazine was a photo of a radiant Ellen DeGeneres declaring “Yep, I’m gay!” At the time, her progressed Moon was right on her Midheaven where it opposed her natal Lilith. Transiting Lilith was conjunct her 9th house Pluto, bringing her moral conviction. Transiting Uranus was conjunct her Sun-Venus, urging her to break free of all Saturn’s constraints.

While the “coming out” episode was one of her highest rated shows, the rest of the series narrowed its focus onto gay relationships and issues, and lost its broad appeal. After the show was canceled, Ellen returned to the stand-up comedy circuit, and then to her most recent gig, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a perennial favorite among talks shows.

On August 16, 2008, Ellen married her live-in girlfriend, actress Portia de Rossi just after California lifted the ban on same-sex marriage. Ellen’s progressed Sun was now conjunct her natal Lilith, and a transiting Lilith-Juno conjunction landed right on her Ascendant. Of course it couldn’t come without a religious backlash, which is shown by transiting Pluto in self-righteous Sagittarius squaring her Lilith.
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