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September 25 to October 1
***all times are PDT; add 3 hours for EDT***
divine harmony is available for in-depth astrology readings.  she combines a psychological and spiritual focus on the natal chart and helps youto understand your Soul's journey in deeper way. 
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all times are in PDT. and for those of you new to my column, i write in lower case for a reason as i find it symbolic and resonant with how i view the world. i capitalize certain words in ways to illuminate their power. otherwise, all is equal to me and i write in lowercase :) 
monday september 25th-
at 7:36am mercury in virgo squares saturn in sagittarius, commencing mercury’s trigger of the saturn/chiron square over the next couple of days. mercury/saturn is serious and focused but can also be limited, depressed and dogmatic. if we are overly focused on the details and specifics we can miss the Bigger Picture. further if we are overly critical and judgmental we will miss the Truth altogether (when a pickpocket sees a holy man- all he sees are pockets!). communications can be intense over the next few days- navigate them with consciousness.

mercury in virgo quincunxes the south node in aquarius at 8:51am, creating tension between the mind and intellect and our karmic past. if we are overdoing mental focus and are divorced from heart and compassion we can find communications are more critical, judgemental and lack care and tenderness towards ourselves and others. luckily mercury makes a semisextile to the north node in leo- so if make a point of coming from the heart and leading with compassion we can find discernment and clarity and take action from this space in loving ways.

tuesday september 26th-
at 4:08am mercury in virgo quincunxes retrograde eris in aries- creating friction between the mind and intellect and the Goddess of discord and chaos! mercury/eris can bring disruptive information and revelations to Light! if you are the one hiding things watch out- but if it’s others or in the world around you keep your eyes wide open! having healthy outlets for anger and rage is key right now or it will come seemingly out of nowhere.

at 6:13am saturn in sagittarius trines the north node in leo, aligning the planet of mastery and maturity with the node of destiny and fate. this completes the Grand Fire Trine formed all summer (and into the start of fall) between saturn, the galactic center, uranus, eris and the north node. this powerful astrology was massively activated by the total solar eclipse on 8/21- opening the portal to the powerful changes incoming. fire trines are about creativity, inspiration, passion and transformation. they speak to amazing opportunities to follow our bliss and let the doors open! saturn/north node helps us to get real, grounded and disciplined on our path of evolution and growth. getting clear on where you are being asked to grow- and what you are being asked to let go of in order to do so- is key.

venus in virgo quincunxes retrograde eris in aries at 5:01pm, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the Goddess of discord and chaos. this is a good time to be consciously working with anger and rage. if we stuff it and repress it OR if we reactively and impulsively express it- there can be all kinds of chaos and upheaval happening right now. issues in relationships, health or finances are showing you that there are things deep beneath the surface that need to be addressed right now. get to it!

wednesday september 27th-
mercury in virgo squares mean black moon lilith in sagittarius at 2:52am, creating tension and friction between the conscious mind and intellect and the fierce Dark Feminine. mercury in virgo sees the trees while lilith in sadge sees the shadows in the whole forrest. finding ways to link the pieces to the whole is key right now. communications can get deep and intense. being willing to penetrate beyond the facade to get to the Truth- within and without- is the path to mastery right now.

the sun cojoins vesta at 4’39 libra at 7:17am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Priestess asteroid Goddess. this is a great alignment to bring focus to what is going on in relationships and in the balance (or lack of balance) in your inner and outer life. vesta is able to sublimate her personal needs and desires for the Greater Good. we are supported in focusing on collaboration and compromise right now- we just need to be aware of where may be overcompromising and working so hard to keep the peace and balance that we are ignoring or denying the shadow that is very real and present and needs to be seen and dealt with for true balance and harmony to take hold.

at 7:37am jupiter in libra sesquiquadrates retrograde neptune in pisces, creating tension between the two planets of spirituality and idealism. both jupiter and neptune like to see the glass as half full- and both libra and pisces can tend to sweep things under the carpet. this is not a great aspect for discernment and reality. tendencies towards denial, illusion, deception, addiction and spiritual bypassing can get exacerbated right now. the best use of this energy is to take time to retreat, reflect, introspect, meditate, dream and listen to our intuition. take a pause and be willing to see beyond the neptune fog today!

at 3:12pm mercury in virgo opposes retrograde chiron in pisces, pitting the linear logical mind opposite the intuitive and otherworldly Wounded Healer. wounding and healing are themes in communication, thinking and mind/body balance right now. if we are being overly mental and rational and missing our intuition or inner knowing- we may get a wake up call today. being aware of how we are communicating with others- particularly if we are being overly judgmental and critical OR trying to spiritually bypass being accountable and in integrity- things can get intense! healing happens when we can share what we think AND feel- linking both mind and heart.

at 9:25pm jupiter in libra opposes retrograde uranus in aries for the 3rd and final time, bringing amazing opportunities for sudden shifts, growth, evolution and radical change in life and in relationships. we are seeking to find a better balance between self and other, give and take, connection and independence. our need for freedom and change is STRONG but we have to balance it with awareness of others, our commitments and agreements with others. jupiter in libra is teaching us how to not deny our own needs but also to not only focus on what we want. the middle path is where it’s at right now. on a collective level jupiter can exacerbate the rebellious and revolutionary energy present on the planet right now. pay attention to what is going on in the world this week to see what is being activated and what is changing on a global scale.

​thursday september 28th-
at 6:55am mercury in virgo quincunxes retrograde uranus in aries, creating friction between the lower mind and Higher Mind in activating ways! mercury/uranus can be great for insights and aha moments- but because of the tense nature of the aspect those insights and aha moments that come in could be disruptive and even chaos-inducing! if we are holding onto an old version of the Truth or of ourselves- resisting change- then uranus will have to come in and shake us up to wake us up! choose wakefulness before it chooses you ;)
mercury in virgo semisextiles jupiter in libra at 8:22am, aligning the mind and intellect with the planet of expansion and positivity. mercury/jupiter can be great for communication, learning, teaching and opening the mind. being willing to be discerning and honest while also focusing on collaboration and compromise is key.

sun in libra squares juno in capricorn at 11:09am, bringing to Light themes around partnership and what is working and what is not. any old paradigm ways of being and doing in partnership (romantic but also business) can be in focus right now. being willing to see where we keep on doing the same old thing- and we keep on getting the same old result is recommended right now.

at 12:36pm pluto stations direct at 16’51 capricorn, making the lord of the underworld the most powerful planet in the sky! all things plutonian are in focus right now: the depths, intensity, the subconscious, the shadow, power, control, sexuality, debt and money. opportunities to truly see what lies beneath the surface of structures, order, obligations and dogma in our lives is possible right now! be aware that very deep rooted power/control dynamics can arise right now. stay aware of your own need for power and control and stay out of manipulation- yours or anyone else’s. this is a great day (and week) to dive deep, confront shadow, be ruthlessly honest with ourselves and bring to the Light of consciousness that which is hidden.

friday september 29th-
at 12:14pm the sun in virgo semisquares the north node in leo- creating tension between the conscious self and ego and our destiny path of growth and evolution. we need to find balance between virgo and leo- humility and confidence, shining and leading and reigning things in and being able to follow and learn from others. if we are overly critical of ourselves and hold ourselves back- this aspect reminds us to step into our Light more. if on the other hand we avoid honest self reflection- all the virgo right now can be a wake up call to see the self clearly in all our Light and shadow.

venus in virgo opposes retrograde neptune in pisces at 5:11pm, bringing tension between the lower heart and Higher Heart. venus/neptune can be dreamy, romantic, creative and spiritual. yet they can also be ungrounded, idealistic, deceptive, confusing and illusionary. it is very easy to not see things clearly right now- while at the same time thinking we actually are seeing clearly! all month long the neptune vibe has been strong. if you have been willing to see beyond your own fantasies and illusions to face reality head on- come the start of october you can start to move into clear and positive new directions! don’t make any hard and fast decisions right now though- let the mists clear. in the meantime meditate, reflect, pay attention to your dreams and be of service to others.

mercury moves out of virgo and into libra at 5:42pm, shifting the mind and intellect from earth to air, body to mind, work orientation to relationship orientation. mercury in libra is focused on peace, harmony, compromise and collaboration. seeing both sides of things and working to find common ground is a gift of mercury in libra. just watch out for the shadow side of this transit- stuffing anger and avoiding rocking the boat when the boat actually needs to be rocked ;)

venus in virgo sesquiquadrates retrograde uranus in aries at 7:18pm, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener. venus/uranus can rock boats in relationships- romantic, business and financial. where venus in virgo wants security and the known, uranus comes and upsets the apple cart! being willing to get in touch with anger and rage and being willing to look at what is not working and own our part in things while giving back responsibility for what is not ours to hold is supported (and required) right now.

saturday september 30th-
vesta in libra squares juno in capricorn at 4:06am, creating tension and friction between the priestess asteroid Goddess and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. vesta is an archetype that is super independent and focused on her work and purpose- while juno is an archetype that is very relational and focused on her commitments and partnerships with others. these two at odds can bring up issues to address in self/other dynamics of all kinds (romantic, business and otherwise). finding balance between commitment to self and commitment to others is key. wherever we tend to default to reminds us that our growth is in the other direction.

mercury in libra semisquares jupiter in libra at 6:24am, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of excess and expansion. being aware of where we talk or think too much and perhaps are staying on the surface as a means of avoiding the depths is key right now. communications in relationship are the focus- but being willing to get deep to get to the undercurrents playing out behind the scenes is necessary.

sunday october 1st-
mercury in libra sextiles ceres in leo at 2:37am, aligning the mind and intellect with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. we are supported in communicating in compassionate, caring and loving ways. talking about home/family situations, relationships dynamics and how to find more balance in our personal lives is key right now.

vesta in libra semisquares the north node in leo at 9:20am, creating tension between the priestess asteroid Goddess and the north node of destiny and evolution. if we are over focused on relationships or having life be perfectly balanced and pretty- today can be a reminder of what we are denying around our own needs and desires. the north node in leo is about shining our Lights and pursuing our greatest passions. if we are overly focused on making others happy or keeping balance in our lives at the expense of ourselves- today is a day to face that.

mars in virgo trines recently stationed direct pluto in capricorn at 4:36pm, aligning the planet of will and drive with the Higher Will and Higher Power. mars/pluto is great for moving mountains and feats of courage that take persistence and commitment. accessing deep reservoirs of power and capacity is supported right now. with virgo/capricorn the focus is on being in integrity and showing up to do the work- inner life and outer life. mastery is possible right now- but we have to be willing to work for it!

have a blessed week…

~divine harmony
Divine Harmony is dedicated to communicating with one’s higher Self by way of the celestial realms. Just as the microcosm is contained in the macrocosm and vice-versa – Divine Harmony believes that the stars and planets have connections to the people, places and things that inhabit the earth, and there is a way to find the pattern of communication and connection by divining the stars.

BML (black moon lilith) is being included in the weekly interpretations now. the highest expression of joining these two is symbolized by the high priestess tarot card. she sits between the black and white pillars- the black being the pillar of severity and the white being the pillar of mercy. i use the mean position of BML, which in contrast to the fluctuating motion of the true position, advances steadily.
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