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August 21 to August 27
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all times are in PDT. and for those of you new to my column, i write in lower case for a reason as i find it symbolic and resonant with how i view the world. i capitalize certain words in ways to illuminate their power. otherwise, all is equal to me and i write in lowercase :) 
monday august 21st-
at 3:02am pluto in capricorn opposes ceres in cancer- bringing an oppositional energy between the Lord of the Underworld and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. pluto and ceres (aka demeter) have a history together as pluto abducted cere’s daughter persephone and took her into the Underworld to be his bride. pluto/ceres can bring up intense energies in home/family dynamics, regarding children, the environment and more. there can be deep sense of loss, powerlessness and shadow dynamics unearthing right now personally and collectively. it’s very interesting to have the saturn/lilith conjunction and the pluto/ceres opposition on the same day as the total solar eclipse. 

there are deep Underworld energies afoot right now and that is not necessarily bad. the key is to relate to the shadow consciously- as ‘enlightenment is not about imagining figures of Light but of making the darkness conscious.’ pluto/ceres strips away our outer sense of safety and security so that we can ultimately find that within. it was not until pluto abducted persephone that ceres got in touch with her grief and persephone got in touch with her power. they are one and the same. as long as we refuse to feel our grief and pain- we do not touch into the deepest part of ourselves and we cannot know ourselves completely. collective pain, grief and rage as well as personal pain, grief and rage has to be related to consciously right now.

the total solar eclipse at 28’52 leo is exact at 11:30am PDT- bringing the biggest eclipse the USA has ever seen (the path of the eclipse goes across all of america)! this eclipse is conjunct regulus- the royal fixed star of leadership. huge changes, activations and initiations are happening right now. stepping into our sovereignty and leadership capacities with a focus on being of service- rather than being in power and having control- is necessary at this time. regulus confers success if revenge is avoided. the key to avoiding revenge is to stay in the heart and take all actions from a place of deep compassion and humility. a leader is a servant to the people- not the other way around! this new moon eclipse opens new doors and is a huge seeding point where intention and motivation determine action taken and directions moved into. use consciousness as you plant seeds and open doors right now! 

his eclipse forms a Grand Fire Trine with the sun, moon, north node and mars in leo, saturn and lilith in sagittarius, and uranus and eris in aries. this Fire Trine has been information from june to september and it is bringing in huge energies for change! the key is to be willing to overthrow that which is old and toxic, unearth that which is hidden and insidious, and let go of what which is old paradigm. because a solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes over the sun and blocks the light- we need to be willing to see the totality of our shadow right now (personally and collectively) to make the most of this fiery lunation. if we are ignoring our shadow it can come back to bite us in the butt! ‘the brighter the Light the darker the shadow’. we need to see BOTH/AND- as it’s the only path to true and lasting healing, wholeness and evolution! 

at 11:14pm saturn cojoins mean black moon lilith at 21’11 sagittarius, aligning the planet of structure and tradition with the fierce Dark Feminine. saturn is a symbol of the patriarchy- and the patriarchy and the Goddess have a long, intense history together. saturn/lilith can be about the repression of the feminine and particularly in her fierce and powerful aspects. OR this can be about harnessing the Dark Goddess’ power and her ability to see into the shadows and see the Truth. we have to be willing to hear Truths right now that may not be palatable or pretty. what is Truth? who interprets Truth? what motivations and intentions are behind words said, stories told and myths that are written. this is a time to question everything! sagittarius seeks to know the Ultimate Truth- and to do so we have to be willing to see and face the shadow. as ‘both Light and shadow are the dance of Love’ (rumi). dive down deep to confront that which you most fear to confront- this is the path to freedom right now!

tuesday august 22nd-
at 6:21am mars in leo trines retrograde saturn in sagittarius, aligning the will and drive with the planet of mastery, integrity and karma. mars/saturn is great for harnessing our will and drive and taking action from a mature and grounded place. there’s a lot of fire flying around right now (lots of fire sign activations) and saturn is the grounding rod for all that fire. using saturn’s energy to be masterful, mature, disciplined and focused is key right now! mars also trines mean black moon lilith in sagittarius- helping us to harness and make use of the Dark Goddess’ energies of intuition, magic, power and seeing into the shadows to get to the Truth. be willing to look beneath the surface today- what you find can be positively revealing!

at 7:56am mars in leo trines mean black moon lilith in sagittarius- activating the saturn/BML conjunction that was exact yesterday. mars is bringing action and initiative to the Dark Goddess- helping her shine a Light on the shadow and reveal Truths that need to be seen. mars with saturn and lilith can be about mastery of the Dark Goddess energies and utilizing them to take action in our lives OR it can unearth much anger and rage from the controlled and demonized Dark Feminine. with lots of fire in the skies right now we’d all do well to channel this creative and expansive energies in conscious ways so they are not impulsive, reactive, restless and aggressive. mars and lilith can help us take a stand for what is right and for what we believe in right now! just make sure you are not coming from ego and thinking what is right is what benefits you only and damages or harms others!

the sun moves out of leo and into virgo at 3:20pm- shifting the conscious self and ego from fire to earth, yang to yin, masculine to feminine. the sun’s journey through virgo is a time to get organized, efficient and healthy. focusing on the details and getting our ducks in a row is great right now! the virgo qualities of discernment and clarity are supported- just watch out for the shadow of too much virgo: being judgmental, perfectionist and overly critical of self and others! the sun also triggers the royal fixed star that preceded out of leo and into virgo late 2011/early 2012- heralding a shift in power and leadership that will unfold over the next 2160 or so years! 

wednesday august 23rd-
at 1:32am retrograde pluto in capricorn trines vesta in virgo, aligning the Lord of the Underworld and planet of transformation with the priestess asteroid Goddess. pluto/vesta has deep and penetrating focus- with the capacity to see beyond the surface and get to the Truth underneath. pluto’s passion and intensity combined with vesta’s focus and purity can help us to get super aligned and committed to our personal and collective transformation! with capricorn and virgo in focus (not just today but all week long due to several alignments) we have a lot of potential to tap into deep integrity, deep discernment and powerful commitment to seeing reality as it is so that we are then empowered to deal with things on their own terms. staying committed and focuses on the inner and outer journey of evolution, transformation and wholeness is supported right now!

venus in cancer trines retrograde chiron in pisces at 11:00am, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the Wounded Healer planetoid. venus has been in the midst of some pretty intense astrology! forming a Grand Cross with jupiter, uranus, pluto and eris- and also quincunxing saturn and lilith! the harmonious aspects she has made while in cancer have been to neptune and chiron in pisces- a reminder to us all to stay compassionate and Loving towards ourselves and others. ‘be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle’. being in touch with our deepest emotions and feelings goes a long way towards healing right now. heart healing is possible when we are willing to reveal our hearts fully- our wounds, our pain, our needs and desires. healing also starts within- so be willing to FEEL to heal right now. you cannot move beyond what you have not fully moved through- chiron can help you today!

​thursday august 24th-
the north node in leo trines retrograde eris in aries at 12:16am, aligning the node of destiny and evolution with the Goddess of discord and chaos. destined and fated events occurring right now reveal the Truth in situations. seeing through the collective lie and clearly seeing our leaders and people in power and where their intention and motivation is coming from is possible right now. keep your eyes wide open!

at 8:33am venus in cancer sesquiquadrates rétrograde neptune in pisces, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the planet of romance, idealism and fantasy. venus is the lower heart and neptune is the Higher Heart. together they can help us open up to compassion and Unconditional Love- but with a minor tense aspect they can exacerbate any tendencies to wear rose colored glasses, spiritually bypass and avoid seeing reality (both our personal reality and shadow as well as that which is around us). being willing to see reality clearly in Love and money situations as well as in regards to ourselves and our own blind compassion and tendencies to spiritually bypass is key.

at 11:05am retrograde mercury in virgo semisquares jupiter in libra, creating some tension between the mind and intellect and the planet that expands but also exacerbates energy. mercury/jupiter can be great for learning, teaching and opening the mind yet jupiter can make the mind work on overtime. overthinking, too much talking and too much focus on the mind can occur right now. we need to find balance between mind and body, thinking and feeling, outer and inner experience right now.

venus in cancer squares retrograde uranus in aries at 12:01pm, creating tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the rebel, revolutionary and planet of upheaval! venus/uranus can bring instability into Love and money situations, home/family dynamics and safety/security issues. expect the unexpected with uranus and be willing to change on a dime! this completes venus’ Grand Cross formation- so we have made it through the wringer and can look back to see what was woken up, shaken up- as well as what had to breakdown to breakthrough. if we have worked with the energies consciously and have let go of what we have been holding onto that has been holding us back- we can now find ourselves in a place of greater freedom and Truth!
at 8:32pm the sun in virgo sesquiquadrates retrograde pluto in capricorn, forming a minor aspect of tension between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of the Underworld. sun/puto can be great for diving deep, exacavating, shadow work and getting to the root of matters. yet this tense aspect can also exacerbate power/control dynamics and unearth dark shadows that no one wants to look at. using the virgo and capricorn energy to focus on self-mastery and inner work is recommended. steer away from the shadow side of these two- being overly critical, judgmental and controlling of the self or others.

friday august 25th-
at 5:08am saturn stations direct at 21’10 sagittarius- bringing the planet of karma, mastery, integrity and accountability into focus. when planets are stationary they are at their most powerful energetically speaking. there is a focus right now on what it is we need to do to step up in our lives. yet at the same time today and the days surrounding could feel slow moving, restrictive, limited and heavy. sagittarius is a fiery sign that wants to have fun and make life happen- but saturn puts the breaks on and asks us to think before do anything rash. in addition saturn in sadge has lessons around Truth, beliefs, reality and lies. major things are up right now around discernment, integrity and honesty. be sure you are aligned with your deepest held Truth and values right now and stay the course- as this, too, shall pass.

at 11:02am the sun in virgo trines stationary juno in capricorn (she is retrograde but about to go direct tomorrow!)- bringing focus to commitments, partnerships, marriage and contractual arrangements in our lives. juno in capricorn is focused on long term partnership, stability, loyal and sticking with things to see them through. juno moved into capricorn in february and stationed retrograde may 9th- very close to pluto- showing that a huge focus of her retrograde journey from may to today has been on the transformation, evolution, death and rebirth of relationships and contracts in our lives. wherever we have held onto things out of fear or for safety and security but it has been holding us back- juno and pluto are shining a Light on these tendencies. also wherever we are staying stuck or stagnant in our way of showing up in relationship and commitment- stuck in an old paradigm- can also be highlighted right now. the exact juno/pluto conjunction is on 11/11- so from now until then we are asked to do the shadow work asked of us to see what is working, what is not and what we can do about it. steer clear of power control dynamics and instead focus on showing up in relationships in empowered ways! use the virgo/capricorn energy present right now to discern clearly, stay aligned with your integrity and deal with relationships of all kinds from this grounded, embodied and connected to reality place!

venus moves out of cancer and into leo at 9:30pm, shifting the Goddess of Love and beauty from water to fire, yin to yang, feminine to masculine. venus in leo is a time of passion, creativity, fun and romance! venus in leo desires to love and be loved in grand ways! just watch out for the shadow of venus in leo: narcissism, pride and superficiality ;)

at 11:44pm the sun in virgo parallels uranus in aries- echoing the sun/uranus trine that occurred on august 20th. sun/uranus aligns the conscious self and ego with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener! this is great astrology for change, revolution, revelation, innovation and SHIFT! staying open to the unknown and being willing to do things differently is key right now. individuality harmoniously aligned with community can open the doors for personal and collective change! from august 20th to today we have had a super aspect between these two amplifying but also exacerbating their combined energies. making use of the radical revolutionary energy present in conscious, aware ways is key! watch out for impulsivity, recklessness, anger and aggression (shadow of sun/uranus energy).

saturday august 26th-
at 3:07am mars cojoins the north node at 23’39 leo, aligning the will and drive with the node of destiny and evolution. mars is an activator of outer planetary transits and eclipses. when mars triggers the north node he majorly activates our path of evolution in fiery and dynamic ways.
from now until 9/4 when mars triggers the eclipse degree we have some BIG ENERGIES afoot that we want to work with wisely. mars helps us take action, initiate and be decisive. yet too much mars fire wielded impulsively or reactively can create conditions for war, violence, aggression and things done in haste that we cannot undo. being super aware of how we are moving forward, what we are intending and the Unconscious motivations driving us is key right now.

at 3:25am retrograde mercury in virgo semisquares ceres in cancer, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. mercury/ceres is typically great for communicating about our needs for emotional connection, safety and security. talks around home, family and with children can be in focus. yet this aspect is tense and is between the mind in logical virgo and the Great Mother in emotional cancer- symbolizing a need to find balance between our thoughts and feelings, intellect and emotions. finding ways to communicate our needs to others without going into the victim, needy child or overbearing parent is key right now!

mars in leo trines retrograde eris in aries at 6:50am- aligning the will, warrior and drive with the Goddess of discord and chaos. mars and eris are brother and sister in greek mythology- they are the God and Goddess of war. with these two teaming up in harmonious ways we have a lot of fiery energy that support us in taking action and initiating things- we just need to be aware of the war-like aggression that can be stirred up as well.
using mars’ energy to take conscious action and move forward with positive intention is recommended right now.

at 10:14am juno stations direct at 2’43 capricorn, bringing the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage into strong focus! matters pertaining to commitment, contractual arrangement, business partnerships and more are highlighted right now. luckily the only aspects made to juno this week are a trine from the sun and mercury- helping us to become more conscious and to communicate clearly in partnerships and relationships of all kinds. with the sun and mercury in discerning virgo and juno in masterful capricorn- attending to reality and WHAT IS in relationships is key right now. from this place of clear seeing of WHAT IS we are empowered to figure out what is possible- and from this place decisions made can be grounded and useful.

at 1:42pm the sun cojoins retrograde mercury at 3’47 virgo, marking the midpoint of the mercury retrograde journey we are in. sun/mercury can bring insights, aha moments and Truth to Light- so pay attention! anything related to work, service, health, well being and inner adjustments that need to be made should be attended to right now.

sunday august 27th-
at 5:15am jupiter in libra sextiles stationary direct saturn in sagittarius, aligning the planet of expansion with the planet of contraction in harmonious ways. jupiter and saturn are the two teachers planets. they teach by very different energies though. jupiter teaches us via luck, positivity and confidence- while saturn teaches us via reality, karma and hard earned lessons. with both of these teacher planets linking in positive ways we are supported in finding balance between ease and hard work, expansion and contraction, growth and pruning. wisdom comes when we know when to go for it and when to hold back, when to grow and when to prune, when to be ahead and when to be behind. find the right balance today! 

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ONLY harmonious, flowing aspect jupiter in libra has made to any social or outer planets since jupiter moved into libra on 9/9/16. jupiter in libra is typically great for relationships, collaboration, compromise and marriage. yet jupiter’s ingress into libra has seen him quincunx neptune and the karmic south node, quincunx chiron, square pluto and oppose uranus and eris. this has NOT been your typically jupiter in libra transit- and relationships, commitments, contractual agreements and the like have not been running as smoothly as usually would be with the Greater Benefic in this sign. with jupiter aspecting saturn today we may start to see things shift into Higher Ground in regards to relationships- IF we are willing to grow by pruning and find new ways of relating to others where we honor both positions and both versions of truth so we can find middle ground. 

jupiter in libra teaches us that relationships are sacred mirrors and that the reflections we see are there to teach us something- NOT so that we can project all our shadow and shit onto Others. saturn in sadge is teaching us about Truth and what ultimate Truth is versus personal truth and how to live aligned with truth without being self-righteous and violently forcing our beliefs and attitudes onto others. an opening is possible right now if we are willing find a COMMON PATH. my way or the highway stands will not work. jupiter in libra is teaching us what rumi so eloquently said ‘beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field- meet me there’.

at 12:56pm the sun in virgo semisquares ceres in cancer, bringing tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. similar to yesterday when mercury in virgo made this same tense aspect- today we can have a focus on thoughts versus feelings, intellect versus emotion. finding ways to communicate our needs, feelings and vulnerabilities to others and ourselves is key.

at 6:37pm retrograde mercury in virgo trines stationary direct juno in capricorn 2’43, aligning the mind and intellect (who is in his Underworld phase) with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage who just completed her Underworld phase and will start to move forward next week. right now she is stationary- at a standstill in the sky highlighting partnerships and relationships of all kinds (marriage, romantic, business partnership, financial and more). pay attention to what you hear, say, think or intuit right now in regards to relationships. insights arising, discernment incoming and information arising needs to be paid attention to. virgo and capricorn are signs that are focused on REALITY. attending to reality- what is going on right now, not on the potential or possibility of something/someone that is not manifest and may or may not manifest in the future- is key. (think back to july 30th when the first mercury/juno trine was- as this is the 2nd of 3 trines with the 3rd on happening on september 13th. from late july until mid september the themes i mentioned above are in focus)

have a transformational week! allow endings to give way to new beginnings. and stay in your heart and let your heart lead the way!

~divine harmony
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BML (black moon lilith) is being included in the weekly interpretations now. the highest expression of joining these two is symbolized by the high priestess tarot card. she sits between the black and white pillars- the black being the pillar of severity and the white being the pillar of mercy. i use the mean position of BML, which in contrast to the fluctuating motion of the true position, advances steadily.
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