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November 20 to November 26
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divine harmony is available for in-depth astrology readings.  she combines a psychological and spiritual focus on the natal chart and helps youto understand your Soul's journey in deeper way. 
she offers natal readings, relationship readings, shadow readings and more. please check her website out at www.divineharmony.org/landing or email her at divineharmony13@gmail.com to set something up
all times are in PST. and for those of you new to my column, i write in lower case for a reason as i find it symbolic and resonant with how i view the world. i capitalize certain words in ways to illuminate their power. otherwise, all is equal to me and i write in lowercase :) 
monday november 20th-
the only major aspect today is exact at 1:01pm when mercury in sagittarius semisextiles juno in capircorn, linking the mind and intellect with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. this is a great day to talk about relationships, partnerships and commitments (romantic, business, financial and otherwise). mercury in sadge sees the Bigger Picture and is open minded. being willing to see from a Higher Perspective in relationships of all kinds is supported today!

tuesday november 21st-
at 3:29am venus in scorpio sextiles pluto in capricorn, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the Lord of the Underworld. venus is currently in pluto’s sign so her aspect to pluto enhances and also exacerbates their energy together. venus/pluto wants depth, passion and intensity. she wants to merge with the beloved and get past the surface so that the shadow and deeper levels of intimacy and Truth can be realized. this is great astrology for deepening into intimacy with the self and others. it can also be great for abundance. just watch out for possessiveness, jealousy and the desire to be in control OR give away your power in Love and money situations.

at 1:59pm mars in libra sextiles the north node in leo, aligning the will and drive with the north node of destiny and evolution. this is great astrology for being motivated, taking action and moving forward in life. opportunities to be an individual while still being in relationship with others is the balancing point of libra/leo. we are meant to shine and be unique and authentic while taking into account others in our lives and our commitments and relationships with them. balance is key.

the sun moves out of scorpio and into sagittarius at 7:05pm, shifting the conscious self and ego from water to fire, introspection to outer focus. the sun in sadge heralds party season where we want to have fun, live it up and enjoy life! this is a sign that likes to travel, learn, explore and expand. it also likes larger than life experiences. for those who celebrate various holidays between now and winter solstice- this enhances the desire to socialize and perhaps overdo it with food, drink and money (so be aware!).

wednesday november 22nd-
at 6:20am neptune stations direct at 11’27 pisces, making the planet of mysticism and illusion the most powerful planet in the sky. neptune is great for mysticism, spirituality, intuition, compassion, altruism and Unconditional Love. yet shadow neptune can also be present in the form of denial, delusion, avoidance of reality, spiritually by passing, playing the victim or the martyr, refusing to see the self and others clearly, mass or interpersonal deception, and turning to addictions (to drugs/alcohol but also to internet/work/food/sex/dating or anything else) as a means to avoid really confronting the emotions and karmic patterns we keep repeating in our lives. the veil between the worlds is thin when neptune stations and the best use of this energy is in meditation, reflection, introspection and inner journeys. it’s not a great time to make definitive decisions as it’s not quite clear which way is up and which way is down. if you can take a time out to go within and Source your answers from your Higher Self (and do your inner work to discern this voice from the spiritually by passing ego voice that often can sound quite similar!) you will make the most of this transit!

at 6:49am venus in scorpio squares the nodes (north node in leo/south node in aquarius)- bringing us to pivotal points of choice in Love and money situations. are we going to keep on repeating the same old patterns of the past? or are we going to move into new, evolutionary directions. the north node in leo reminds us to come from the heart- both in self-Love and inner radiance but also in compassion and care for others. watching out for where we are overly heady and disconnected from our hearts and emotions is key (south node in aquarius).

jupiter in scorpio sesquiquadrates retrograde chiron in pisces at 2:29pm, creating tension between the planet of expansion and excess and the Wounded Healer planetoid. jupiter/chiron can help us to see where the wounding patterns are operating in our lives by exacerbating them. remember jupiter is in scorpio- shining a Light on the shadow! luckily jupiter is benevolent and is only bringing to Light was is in the shadow so that it can serve our healing and awakening- both personally and collectively. being willing to FEEL our emotions- particularly grief, sadness, pain and shame- is important right now. to heal we have to feel- and there’s a lot in the depths we have intentionally avoided feeling that needs to come up and out for true healing and awakening to happen.

at 9:47pm mercury in sagittarius trines retrograde eris in aries, aligning the mind and intellect with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. this can make for some powerful, revealing communications! mercury in sadge wants the Truth and eris in aries will reveal it at any cost! over the next few days mercury triggers eris and uranus- bringing wake up/shake up communications, information and revelations! stay open to seeing more Truth in yourself, others and the world around you!

thursday november 23rd-
happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate in the USA. i personally like to think of this day as gratitude day- and a reminder to live in gratitude all year long! if you know the history of america and their relationship to the native americans- this holiday is not all hearts and roses. in fact this was the day they had a big celebration with food and drink and the next day while the native americans were passed out from the night before the ‘americans’ (or soon to be americans) launched an attack and slaughtered many of the natives of this land. why do i mention this in my weekly forecast?
why talk about such intensity and shadow? because until all shadow is brought to Light and atonement made for travesties of the past- it still operates in the Unconscious like a toxin that impacts our country in Unconscious ways. grieving our past and the way in which we were out of integrity and violent- making amends- and shifting our traditions so that they reflect and honest accounting of what happened rather than an ignorance of what truly went down is the path towards real and systemic change. lest we think it’s just about americans- it is not. this is about the patriarchal consciousness that focuses on winning, taking, overpowering and controlling others and even Mother Earth. this is an old paradigm that is clearly on it’s way out- gasping it’s last breathe. a new path is arising- but we have to see the old path for what it truly is. and we each have to take responsibility for our part in allowing this path to continue for as long as it has. change is coming- blessed be!

at 1:10am venus in scorpio semisextiles mars in libra, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with her beloved the God of will and drive. these are the Divine Lovers and their minor but harmonious aspect is great for creativity, fertility, passion and connection with others. they are in the relationship signs- libra the sign of partnership and commitment and scorpio the sign of deepening relationships and getting into the shadow dance. in my opinion the whole point of relationships is to help us grow and realize more of ourselves so that we can expand into wholeness. this lovely aspect is a great one for deepening our relationship dance with ourselves (inner Union) and others (romantic but also friendship and more).

friday november 24th-
mercury in sagittarius squares retrograde chiron in pisces at 6:54am, bringing tension between the conscious mind and intellect and the Wounded Healer planetoid. old wounds and pain can get triggered and arise in the mind and in communication with others. watch out for thinking you know everything or have it all figured out. staying open to not knowing is actually the key to true wisdom and understanding- as it’s the only way new ideas or insights will have the space to come in ;) having healthy outlets for emotions and feelings- so that we are not rising above them prematurely and spiritually bypassing what is really going on underneath is the path to true, healing communication and revelation right now. (please note due to mercury’s upcoming retrograde station on 12/2 this is the 1st of 3 mercury/chiron aspects incoming- pay attention to the information and communications up right now as they will be something you are journeying with in the coming couple of months)

at 9:37am the sun in sagittarius semisquares pluto in capricorn, creating tension and friction between the expansive, optimistic self and the Lord of the Underworld who reveals the shadow. watch out for power/control dynamics today- and instead use pluto’s penetrating power to get to the root and Truth of matters. a balance of seeing what is possible and seeing what is is required right now!

venus in scorpio sextiles juno in capricorn at 10:36am, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. this lovely alignment supports us in getting clear and aligned in relationships of all kinds. venus points to what we desire and juno points to what we are committed to. when they both link up what we want and what we need have common ground. sharing that with others and being honest about that with ourselves is key today!

at 6:45pm mercury in sagittarius semisquares jupiter in scorpio, creating tension between the mind and the planet of expansion and excess! this is a great day for communication and opening the mind to learn and see more of the Truth! yet the tense nature of this aspect can create an overly mental energy that is heady but not embodied. if we tend go into the head as a means to avoid feeling our emotions that can be amplified right now. being willing to be both expansive and deep, positive and willing to see/own the shadow is necessary right now.

saturday november 25th-
at 2:56am mercury in sagittarius trines retrograde uranus in aries, aligning the lower mind with the Higher Mind in expansive ways! the mind is innovative, outside of the box and brilliant right now! important insights, aha moments and bolt out of the blue awarenesses are possible. so are out there ideas and sudden information coming to Light. opening the mind and being willing to see/hear/speak more of the Truth is supported right now! (please note due to mercury’s upcoming retrograde station on 12/2 this is the 1st of 3 mercury/uranus aspects incoming- pay attention to the information and communications up right now as they will be something you are journeying with in the coming couple of months)

at 10:29am venus in scorpio quincunxes retrograde eris in aries, bringing tension between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. venus/eris can be disruptive in relationships and finances. bringing up the shadow into the Light is a focus. watch out for power/control dynamics and anger or rage that is not being processed in healthy ways. instead dive deep and face the inner and outer shadows for wholeness and integration.

sunday november 26th-
at 1:22pm venus in scorpio trines retrograde chiron in pisces, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the Wounded Healer planetoid. venus/chiron can bring deep healing and awareness into relationships, our values, self-Love and self-worth. we have opportunities to see more clearly the wounds that run our lives and the journey we need to embark on to heal them. venus/chiron can be exceptional for heart healing and in water signs emotional healing as well. diving deep into the waters of Love for self and others can be deeply healing and transformative right now.

have a blessed week!

~divine harmony
Divine Harmony is dedicated to communicating with one’s higher Self by way of the celestial realms. Just as the microcosm is contained in the macrocosm and vice-versa – Divine Harmony believes that the stars and planets have connections to the people, places and things that inhabit the earth, and there is a way to find the pattern of communication and connection by divining the stars.

BML (black moon lilith) is being included in the weekly interpretations now. the highest expression of joining these two is symbolized by the high priestess tarot card. she sits between the black and white pillars- the black being the pillar of severity and the white being the pillar of mercy. i use the mean position of BML, which in contrast to the fluctuating motion of the true position, advances steadily.
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