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I don't subscribe to any particular school of astrology, but I do make a point of keeping up to date.  I choose the ideas that work when I apply them to a real chart and real life and throw out the ones that turn out to be, well, wishful.
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Christina Rodenbeck, based in the ancient centre of learning, Oxford, examines living mythology through the lens of astrology. She likes to challenge prevailing orthodoxy,  champion
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8 Things To Do 
While Jupiter’s in Libra:
Flamboyant Grace
The State we're in - can be called "creative destruction", which is associated with Pluto. How to survive the dynamic outer planet cycles

Flint, Michigan - is just one example of the toxic Saturn-Neptune square. The poisoning began with the Grand Cross of April 2014. 

David Bowie - is a Uranian, associated with aliens, space travel, and futurism. His final album was released on his birthday just after he died.

Climate Change - The horoscope for the historic breakthrough shows a prominent Hygeia, the asteroid of clean living, plus a smashing T-square.

Mission to Pluto - The images bring the planet so close, showing Charon, the dark planet’s “heart”, and his handsome craggy features

Boxing the Euro - The outer planets have been wrecking havoc on the Euro. Now Saturn is stationing right on Chiron, challenging culture differences

UK Election - was a seismic shift in the political geology. Discussion of the UK's and David Cameron's charts, and Pluto to the UK Moon.
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Prince was taken from us far too soon, and before he could enjoy his Jupiter Return in Libra. So listening to his music is one great way to celebrate his life this year.
The planet of luck, exaggeration and expansion, Jupiter, is in Libra until October 2017. Here are some ways to work with that rather flamboyant energy.

Polish Your Politesse
It’s time for manners to make a comeback. Make a conscious effort to say please and thank you, to respond graciously when someone annoys you, and to take the time to put other people at ease. This is not about brittle etiquette and using your fish knife correctly, but about pouring oil into your social interactions. “Manners Makyth Man” …

See You in Court
This could be the year to get that huge settlement in a legal dispute, but watch out for law suits ballooning out of control. Jupiter is associated with judges and Libra with law courts, so we should see some important legislation. In Britain, the Supreme Court is currently wrestling with a case that has huge implications for the running of the country. Perhaps the endless trials in the Hague that came out of the war in former Yugoslavia may reach a conclusion this year.

Grand Civilisation
With extravagant Jupiter, the king of the Zodiac, in the sign of culture, drinking in the big, beautiful things that humans have made over the centuries has never been more important. Go to Versailles or Schönbrunn, visit the Met (opera or museum), read War and Peace. Especially read War (Aries) and Peace (Libra). It’s description of a highly cultivated society going to war may be rather relevant. (Jupiter and Uranus oppose across Tolstoi’s nodal axis). Buy a beautiful painting, a stunning dinner service or just one exquisite print.

Libra really is the sign of high fashion, so expect some opulent shows. Be extravagant yourself. With the Uranus opposition, it’s time to break the rules — avec du chic.
Marlene Dietrich on holiday in Cap D’Antibes. Summer 1933 — last time Jupiter in Libra opposed Uranus in Aries.
Divorce — or Marry!
Libra is the sign of contracts and marriages. Jupiter opposes Uranus (change) for most of this transit, which will certainly break up some long-standing marriages (hello Brad), but if you do choose to make a bid for commitment now, it’ll be a stimulating partnership for sure. Go see the brilliant After Love.
Graceful Twosomes
Take up tennis, badminton or ballroom dancing. In Britain, the might-have-been-Chancellor-of-the-Exchequer Ed Balls has been on the TV show Strictly Come Dancing this autumn. Perhaps a weird response to losing the last election, but it may turn out to have been a lot smarter than one would think. He is certainly perfect Jupiter in Libra — large man doing grace and beauty. On the subject of dancing though, you’ll be glad to read that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (still The OA’s favourite dancing couple) launched their film partnership last time Jupiter in Libra opposed Uranus in Aries, with the film Flying Down to Rio
Beautiful Cities
Speaking of Rio, Jupiter encourages us to travel far and think widely. While he is in Libra, a visit to a city famed for its style, beauty and grace should prove to be incredibly memorable. (Remember to check the Uranus-Jupiter opposition times.) Lisbon and Vienna are said to be ruled by Libra. France is, obviously, a Libran country — and so is Germany. Maybe, we should move there for the duration, or New Zealand.

Libra is a sociable sign, like the other air signs, but here we are talking about one-on-one discussions, elegant soirees and the ambassador’s reception. Get your mink out of mothballs, polish your co-respondent shoes, and get over to that polo match. Failing that, make time this year for plenty of tete-a-tetes.