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Miscellaneous: O'Reilly is an enthusiastic go player, which is an ancient Asian board game that currently enjoys immense popularity around the world. He's ranked around 2 kyu in the American system, and is President of the Bend Go Club. 
Favorite astrology books: he says he frequently uses asteroids when doing personal readings. Demetra George's Asteroid Goddesses opened his eyes to these valuable feminine archetypes. Another favorite is Measuring the Night, an evolutionary astrology perspective by Steven Forrest and Jeff Green. The two volumes in this series describe and illustrate the importance of the lunar nodes in illuminating one's life path.

Michael O'Reilly is a professional astrologer and columnist living in Bend, Oregon. O'Reilly's passionate interest in astrology led to his collecting and reading over 500 astrology books. His personal techniques represent a synthesis of the best he could find in each of these, with perspectives gained through psychological, humanistic and evolutionary approaches as well as practical and strategic. It all depends on what's happening in the horoscope and the issues or concerns of the client.
His 2005 book Political Astrology is a compilation of his essays and magazine articles that demonstrates the validity of the Scorpio Rising U.S. horoscope and the importance of asteroids. His favorite teachers include Carlos Castaneda, J. Krishanmurti, and Osho. For many years he was guided by an Apache mystic named Red Horse, who happened to be the grandson of Geronimo's shaman.

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Family album

Top left - old photo, my grandfather from Ireland, myself and two brothers

Top center - Peace Corps photo from my two year stay in Togo, West Africa

Top Right - hanging out with the niece and nephew in Seattle, WA circa 2001.

Bottom - family gathering for my parents 60th wedding anniversary in Jackson, WY. (2010)
Michael O'Reilly, bio
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Under the pen name WolfStar, he has written the NewsScope column every week since August 1996. WolfStar is a Native American name for Sirius, which is prominently placed in his natal horoscope. He also writes regularly for Dell Horoscope, and has been a featured columnist for The Mountain Astrologer. He wrote the "Tomorrow's News" column for American Astrology from 1993 to 2000.
He began studying astrology in December 1977, the same month that Chiron was discovered, and now meets with clients locally, by telephone, and in cyberspace. In personal readings, he finds that Chiron and the four major asteroids provide a fascinating fount of information, especially in the range and style of personal relationships. 
Before turning full-time to astrology, O'Reilly was a freelance photojournalist. For physical health and recreational fun, he hikes, swims, and practices yoga regularly. O'Reilly studies and follows holistic well-being, and enjoys a variety of ethnic cuisine.
Richard Tarnas' masterpiece, Cosmos & Psyche, bridges the scholastic world with astrology's core principles. Although it's unusually lengthy and detailed, it represents a breakthrough in making astrology respectable among academics. For political astrology fans, outer planet cycles are definitively correlated with historic cycles. 
The astrological community has many books that give accurate explanations of planetary aspects in the natal horoscope. Among the best are Sue Tompkins' Aspects in Astrology and Adrian Ross Duncan's Astrology, Transformation & Empowerment.