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Ceres and the Saturn-Pluto 
conjunction of 2020, December's top five astro-events; Jesse Ventura's "Marijuana Manifesto"... read
1. Front Page - you are here, Wel-come to the world of real astrology. Grab a cup of coffee or a snack and enjoy yourself. 

2. NewsScope - the weekly column by Michael Wolfstar (NeptuneCafe's resident astrologer) features political analysis and a celebrity profile.

3. Weekly Blog - by Divine Harmony lets you know the major planetary aspects for the coming week, with sage advice on how to best manage the celestial conditions.

4. Lilith - interest in this mysterious archetype has soared  over the last month, moving ahead of Juno in reader popularity. Is she good or bad?

5. Juno - Queen of the Asteroids. This insightful article sheds light on Juno as indicator for committed relationships. See also VestaCeres, and Pallas.
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 NeptuneCafe is a virtual astrology magazine, one of the best I've seen online. There's something of the feel of coffeehouse conversations, if all the patrons were smart and savvy  
astrophiles on espresso - the think drink. Don't miss Michael Wolfstar's weekly NewsScope column. Guest columns by well known astrologers - well, astrologers well known within the astrological community - can be quite an eye opener to people who think astrology begins and ends with Sun Signs. Who knew astrology could be popular without Sun Signs? 
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Juno, Queen of the Goddesses
If you want to know if you'll have a romantic affair, look to Venus. But, if you're more interested in a serious, committed relationship,
it's better to look at the asteroid Juno. Here's everything you need to know about this amazing asteroid. read
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Does the U.S. really have Scorpio Rising?
How does an advocate of the Sibly chart tell the difference between a Sagittarius Ascendant and the Sun in the 9th house, or a Sun-Jupiter conjunction trine the Ascendant? Why would an advocate of a Gemini 
  Ascendant use a chart where the ruling planet is retrograde? Get the facts, make a prediction. read
Take a look at what the planets are doing each day of the week, and how to get the best out of the current celestial conditions. read D. Harmony's blog
weekly astrology
11/28 - 12/4
guest blogger
The Oxford Astrologer
Christina's view from the U.K.
Progressions, what are they?
Like fractals, progressions have similar shapes at different scales of time. They are clearer symbols of forthcoming events than transits. Why don't more astrologers use them? Get the scoop
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Black Moon
the Dark Goddess
Mystical, autonomous, extreme, highly sexual, and exceptionally creative, Black Moon Lilith represents the soul's truth and is a major astrological player in personal and geopolitical charts. NeptuneCafe now has five pages on Lilith. You can preview or link directly to each by going to the Lilith Front Page
Visit the Astrology of Lilith for interpretive clues, or Lilith Profiles for descriptions of Lilith in each sign.
The State we're in - can be called "creative destruction", which is associated with Pluto. How to survive the dynamic outer planet cycles: read
a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into... NeptuneCafe. 
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​​You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension:
Donna Cunningham on Saturn-Pluto  Now that Saturn is in Sagittarius, it's challenging an entire generation - those born with Pluto in Virgo. There's three articles in this well-written series. 
Start here: part 1 then part 2 and part 3
In the industrialized world, why is the U.S. the most violent nation?
The Scorpio Rising chart uniquely explains this tendency, especially when considering the problem as a health issue. The 6th and 12th houses are coming under increased stress. more
1. The Sun and Venus are octile on the 14th, and cast their romantic, sweet vibe into social affairs from the 7th through 21st. Generally fostering peace and harmony in personal relationships, this combination often prefers friendship over sex and intimacy since Venus is in the networking sign of Aquarius. Expression in social media is favored, along with meeting in small gatherings, and enjoying what life offers.

2. The Full Moon in Gemini on the 13th creates a busy phase with many projects unfolding simultaneously. The days leading up to this Full Moon are tinged by the Sun’s conjunction with Saturn and aspects to other outer planets, reminding us that the geopolitical situation is serious and carries numerous possible outcomes and scenarios. Multitasking is favored, as is getting involved in projects that transcend the immediate family dynamics.

3. Mercury turns retrograde on the 19th in the business sign of Capricorn. For the next three weeks (through January 8th), avoid making any important business decisions, signing important contracts or other documents. When shopping, make sure the gifts you buy have a solid return policy, and avoid items with prices that seem too good to be true. Expect some angry words on the 18th and 19th but choose your battles wisely.

4. Jupiter opposes Uranus on the 26th, an electric combination in effect from the 19th through month’s end. In itself, the Jupiter-Uranus pair encourages breaking away from tradition, but since Jupiter is also sextile Saturn, doing something different while remaining within acceptable standards may ease anxiety. Those who stick with the tried and true face rebellion and protest. Unexpected or even shocking geopolitical developments may disrupt the holiday spirit.

5. Saturn trines Uranus on the 24th, creating a supportive celestial atmosphere from the 17th through month’s end. In gatherings involving friends and/or family, the harmonious Saturn-Uranus connection welcomes the blending of generations, readily mixing the young and old. New ideas, technologies, and aspirations have an opportunity to fit in with existing structures and formats. With Mercury retrograde, make sure you check your facts.
America's Emerging Plutocracy
Why has the current Uranus-Pluto square empowered America's wealthy? Read the full length article here
Donald Trump Leads GOP Race
Astro-psychologist Glenn Perry takes an in-depth look at Trump's horoscope. What accounts for his pattern of success?
Read about his Mars in Leo, his lack of earth planets, and much more here
Joan Quigley and the Part of Fortune
See how Fortuna set her role and the dramatic revelations around her historic book here
Astrology in the White House!

Secrets of the 2017 Inauguration horoscope
What lies ahead for the next president? A chart set for the taking of the oath of office sets the path for the next four years. Read the details here
Top Five Astro-Events
Dececmber 2016
Steven Forrest discusses Trump's surprising victory in terms of Pluto in Capricorn. Fear of the future, an inability to adapt to change, and more
 The Shadow Side of Conservatism