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Juno by sign and in aspect to the outer planets. Plus, Juno in celebrities' charts and how Juno influenced their marriages
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Juno in Libra - seeks equality in relationships, and a strong sense of social engagement with the outside world. Unilateral decisions are taken as being unfair; joint actions should be preceded by discussion and mutual interest. Under stressful aspects, this Juno feels under-appreciated and will find ways to upset the status quo. Examples: Anna Nicole Smith, Diane Sawyer, Julia Roberts, Marla Maples, Diana Keaton, Jennifer Garner, Cameron Diaz, Warren Beatty, Ben Affleck.

Juno in Scorpio - needs a strong sense of intimacy, a soul connection with the partner. A well-placed Juno here finds sexual compatibility, and can build a financial powerhouse. Under stressful aspects, jeal-ousy, possessiveness, and rage can turn the partnership into a living hell. Examples: Kirstie Alley, Robert Blake, Sandra Bullock, Nicholas Cage, Kevin Costner, Jane Fonda, Bill Gates, Paris Hilton, Bob Hope, Larry King, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lisa Marie Presley.

Juno in Sagittarius - enjoys sharing adventures with the partner, especially through travel or exploring different cultures or belief systems. When well-placed, Juno here can foster optimism and enthusiasm in shared activities, but under stress can be belligerent, narrow-minded, or an attention grabber. Examples: Britney Spears, Maria Shriver, Carlos Santana, LeAnn Rimes, Camila Parker-Bowles, Monica Lewinski, Val Kilmer, Teri Hatcher, Russell Crowe, Humphrey Bogart.

Juno in Capricorn - chooses a partner to help navigate the social world, aided by a solid sense of tradition to forge a long-term relationship. This placement favors building financial and business success. Under stress, one may feel like a social misfit, or that one's place in society is not good enough. Examples: Jennifer Aniston, Kobe Bryant, Ray Charles, John F Kennedy Jr., Jennifer Lopez, Aristotle Onassis, Matthew Perry, Princess Stephanie, Renee Zellweger.

Juno in Aquarius - enjoys experimenting with unusual or non-traditional choices in relationships, and demands an independent role in the outside community. Partners may share an interest in humanitarian or social causes. Under stress, this placement leads to unreliable or eccentric behavior, or cool disdain for the partner. Examples: Victoria Beckham, Sonny Bono, Katie Couric, Elizabeth Hurley, Robert Downey jr., Sarah Jessica-Parker, Christopher Reeve, J.K. Rowling, Brooke Shields. 

Juno in Pisces - has a deep faith in the partner and marriage, which in turn fosters faith in a higher order. When well-placed Juno here can lead to devout idealism and bring absolute trust in the significant other. Under stress, deep emotional or physical suffering comes to the relationship, along with deception and disillusionment. Examples: Carolyn Bessette, Tom Brokaw, George Clooney, Penelope Cruz, Princess Diana, Michael J. Fox, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Meg Ryan, Vanna White. 
Astrologer Ariel Guttman reports that a study she conducted in 1986 shows the importance of Juno in long-term marriages. One partner's Juno aspecting the other's Ascendant/Descendant axis was the most frequently occurring connection between married couple's charts. Extrapolating from this revelation, we can see the importance of Juno by sign as an indicator of what partner's are looking for in a mate. Juno represents a style of relationship.
Juno by Sign
Juno in Aries - needs plenty of freedom and independence in relationships; cooperation is more difficult for this placement, though a friendly competitiveness or shared interest in physical activities may keep the partnership fresh and dynamic. Under stress, fighting comes too easily, and taking on the significant other, or the pair taking on external challenges is a perpetual theme. Examples: David Kelly, Norah Jones, Kate Hudson, Rudolph Giuliani, Sheryl Crow, Drew Barrymore.

Juno in Taurus - thrives on stable relationships, and when well-placed this Juno may create financial security through shared responsibilities, and an appreciation for the finer things in life. Under stress, partners may dwell on money problems or threaten to leave each other. Celebrating traditional holidays and birthdays is a prerequisite to comfortable longevity. Examples: Mary Kay Ash, David Beckham, Matthew Broderick, Melanie Griffith, Nicky Hilton, Claudia Schiffer, Ivana Trump.

Juno in Gemini - enjoys discussing plans, sharing a variety of activities, and traveling with the partner. This placement when activated in partnership creates an atmosphere of busy-ness or intellectual stimulation, and when under stress, the lifestyle may seem scattered or disconnected. Outside relationships are normal, and when Juno is challenged by other planets romantic triangles may develop. Examples: Sharon Stone, Carolyn Kennedy Schlossberg, Angelina Jolie, Mia Farow, Michael Douglas, Bobby Darin.

Juno in Cancer - is looking for the partner to help build family and home. Emotional rapport is essential, and much time can be spent over preparing and sharing meals. Extended family relations are generally part of the package deal, and when Juno is under stressful aspects, these connections can be problematic, or the partnership dynamics can lead feelings of insecurity. Examples: Annette Bening, Johnny Cash, Tom Cruise, Kathy Lee Gifford, Martin Sheen.

Juno in Leo - inspires admiration of the partner or attracts one who enhances the public profile. This placement indicates pride of one's partner, and is highly romantic, dramatic, and creative in shared interactions. Under stress Juno here can lead to feelings of rejection or being taken for granted as one partner becomes too selfish. Examples: Oprah Winfrey, Venus Williams, Jessica Simpson, Sophie Marceau, Yves Saint Lauren, Nicole Kidman, Howard Hughes, Kurt Cobain.

Juno in Virgo - seeks to make the perfect partnership, with a priority placed on loyalty and duty according to the traditional heritage. Partners may analyze their togetherness to make a working team; to-do lists help organize activities, and health issues may play a significant role. Under pressure, this Juno can become a nitpicker. Examples: Lance Armstrong, Patsy Cline, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrel, Helen Hunt, Michael Jordan, Jay Leno, Demi Moore, Winona Ryder, Martha Stewart.
Ceres here has great expectations upon entering into relationship of making a family, as Johnny did when he married his high school sweetheart Joan Morrill on October 1, 1949. At the time, his progressed Juno was forming an exact hit to his Midheaven (a trioctile, or 145-degree aspect). They had three children together, but Johnny went on to marry three more times, as befits the jumpy Juno-Uranus square. 

Johnny Carson's Juno is located in the second house of money, so naturally his divorces would cost him a bundle. He and his first wife Joan split up before he was a superstar, and he got a quickie Mexican divorce in 1963. However, his second marriage to Joanne Copeland fell apart in 1972, and this wife cost him $500,000 cash up front, plus lifetime alimony payments of $100,000 per year. His third marriage to Joanna Holland ended on March 8, 1983 as his progressed Ascendant was exactly conjunct his second house Juno. Joanna wouldn't go peacefully, and the financial dispute turned into a huge court fight. She hit the jackpot in 1985 with $20 million settlement. 

Another celebrity example of a Juno-Uranus aspect is Larry King. This CNN talk show host was born with his Scorpio Sun conjunct Juno, and he obviously appreciates the institution of marriage and enjoys being married, since he's done it six times. He's also had numerous fiancees and actress girlfriends. While his Sun-Juno is given depth and mutual rewards with a trine to Pluto, it's also opposite Chiron in restless, dualistic Gemini, and inconjunct impulsive Uranus, a combination that keeps him on the prowl for ever more exciting and prestigious liaisons. 

Other examples: Frank Sinatra with his Juno in Scorpio square Uranus, Prince Charles - Juno square Uranus, Yves Saint Lauren - Juno square Uranus, Larry Flynt - Juno opposite Uranus, Russell Crowe - Juno square Uranus, and Catherine Zeta-Jones - Juno square Uranus. Each of these Juno-Uranus connections has an orb of two degrees or less, and so leave a deep imprint on the personality. They reflect how the committed relationship shows a high degree of non-conformity, including in Zeta-Jones' case, since she married a much older man. Russell Crowe's Juno is caught in the cross fire between a Saturn-Uranus opposition, so he feels pulled in two directions, and at different times in his life has played the restless thrill seeker in relationship as well as having a long-term girlfriend back home whom he eventually married. 
Juno in Aspect to the Outer Planets
When comparing astrological signatures for relationships, much depends on the cultural or religious expectations. Johnny Carson, like Britney Spears, has a challenging Juno-Uranus aspect. However, being from an older generation, he could not so easily enter into marriage on a whim, especially with Ceres at his Midheaven square Saturn near his Scorpio Ascendant. 

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Introduction to Asteroids
In traditional astrology only two planets are feminine, and the rest are masculine. The Moon and Venus describe the only socially acceptable roles that women were allowed to play over the past few thousand years, while men had the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as archetypal role models. Of course nowadays women are no longer confined to being a mother (the Moon) or mate (Venus), and are actively participating as co-creators of the 21st century global culture.   continued 
The contrast between a Juno-Uranus aspect and a Juno-Saturn aspect is stark. Like Juno in Capricorn, Saturn brings a firm commitment, one that lasts for ages. Joanne Woodward (February 27, 1930; 4:00 am; Thomasville, GA) is a good example with her Juno conjunct Saturn, and both near her Capricorn Ascendant. 
She and husband Paul Newman have remained faithful throughout their long careers, in spite of his reputation as being one of Hollywood's most handsome actors. Her Juno is also conjunct his Capricorn Ascendant, and underscores the Juno study by Ariel Guttman mentioned earlier. Paul Newman (January 26, 1925; 6:30 am; Cleveland Heights, OH) has his Aquarius Sun closely sextile to Juno, so that he identifies with being married, and enjoys the benefits of a solid partnership.
One of the downsides of a Juno-Saturn aspect is that it can create the formal state of marriage, but live on as a lackluster, stagnant existence. Perhaps one of the best examples of this is Marcello Mastroianni (September 26, 1924; 12:15 pm; Frosinone, Italy) who was born with Juno conjunct Saturn. This international film star married fellow student actor Flora Carabella in 1948, and they stayed married through his entire life. 
However, Mastroianni had numerous off-screen romances, including with French actress Catherine Denueve with whom he had a child, the actress Chiara Mastroianni. He is the renowned Latin Lover, and many of his offbeat films depict the gloomy state of marriage and the constant attraction of extra-marital dalliances. As a Libra, Mastroianni thrived on partnerships, but they came in diverse forms. He made thirteen films with Sophia Loren, and also co-starred with Brigitte Bardot, Ursula Andress and many more beautiful actresses, all of which secured his reputation as the suave European lover. His relationship with director Federico Fellini likewise was a long and prosperous working relationship. 

Mastroianni was born with a fabulously romantic Venus-Neptune conjunction in Leo. The Venus-Neptune aspect describes the yearning for the perfect lover, and tends to be filled with joy when in love, and otherwise is in a constant state of fantasizing about love and being in love. In this case, his Venus-Neptune is very favorably enhanced by a trine to Jupiter, which brings him an abundance of real-life love affairs. They never lasted, of course, and when the flush of new love began to wane, he went onto the next one. Here we have a clear distinction between Venus and Juno. Mastroianni remained friends with his wife, who was with him when he died in 1996, along with his mistress Catherine Deneuve. He lived and died with Juno and Venus at his side.
Juno modified by an aspect from Saturn is profoundly different from Juno modified by Neptune. Neptune's influence fosters the desire for the perfect marriage, the kind one finds in fairy tales where the two meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after. Neptune's hard aspects to Juno are readily prone to disillusionment, while the trines and sextiles lead to shared dreams and long-term mutual enjoyment. While Juno-Saturn carries a dogged determinism to make the relationship last, and may carry a palpable heaviness to the interactions, Juno-Neptune infuses relationships with a dreamy graciousness, much like Juno in Pisces.
Michael O'Reilly 
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Those born with a prominent Juno tend to be gifted in the social realm; they have good people skills. After all, Juno as the marriage significator, is the foundation of society as a whole, and is in accord with her Roman role as protector of the people. 
URANUS - freedom, equality, ingenuity, inventiveness, independence, unconventional, radical, shock, revolutionary
SATURN - structure, limitations, ambition, authority, restriction, form, law and order, bitterness, wisdom
NEPTUNE - cosmic antenna, dissolving boundaries, mysticism, drugs and alcohol, self-sacrifice, spiritual aspirations, faith, delusion, ideals
JUNO - marriage, commited relationships, social skills, business partners, women's rights, storms, social rituals
JUNO - marriage, commited relationships, social skills, business partners, women's rights, storms, social rituals
JUNO - marriage, commited relationships, social skills, business partners, women's rights, storms, social rituals
Juno brings civil behavior in social settings, a politeness, a desire to engage others, to bring them out of their shells and participate. When Juno is modified by Neptune, the social graces come out in full regalia. An air of sophistication, sense of balance, and exalted demeanor reflect Juno as the Queen of the Goddesses. Juno in aspect to Neptune adds the fine arts to her expression, and this combination is frequently found in the horoscopes of those gifted in music, dance, literature, and the fashion industry.

Mars is also linked into this, giving Hurley a power surge to create quite an impression, to be the center of attention. The kinky or eccentric side of this revolutionary complex of planets first came out when she was 16 and displayed the most flamboyant styles of the British "punk" scene, with a nose ring and flaming pink, spiked hair. 

The only "easy" aspect her Sun has is a trine to Juno in Aquarius, but this link is a big plus, giving her good a quick wit, an engaging smile, and network of friends. Her Juno squares Neptune, adding the social grace and poise that led her to ballet as a child, and a successful modeling career as a young adult. Her claim to fame arrived at the London premier of boyfriend Hugh Grant's movie "Four Weddings and a Funeral", which took place on May 11, 1994. A Versace representative gave her an unsold dress to wear, and Hurley kept the low-cut, risque dress on with a couple of safety pins, and turned heads everywhere at the premiere. Afterwards, Hurley was described as "the face that launched a thousand tabloid covers". It also brought her a huge contract with Estee Lauder to be their international representative, and some juicy film roles.

Astrologically, at the time Jupiter (the planet of opportunity) was making and receiving some major hits, but the faster moving planets of the day reveal the details of the big splash she made. Transiting Venus was right on her Sun, and transiting Juno was exactly trine her Sun. Juno by secondary progression had hardly moved, but by tertiary progression, Juno and Venus were exactly conjunct. This Venus-Juno combination brings together the best of beauty and sensuality, along with the romantic and stylish aesthetics of partnership.
British actress and model Elizabeth Hurley (June 10, 1965; Hampshire, England; time unknown) is a good example. Her Gemini Sun has numerous challenging aspects to other planets, including a hard square to the mid-1960s generational outer planet complex involving Uranus and Pluto in Virgo opposite Saturn and Chiron in Pisces. 
Hurley's Sun-Juno-Neptune complex emphasizes fashion and "haut couture" as art forms. A surprising number of celebrities in the arts have Juno-Neptune aspects. The following stars all have a Juno-Neptune link with an orb of two degrees or less: Michael Crichton (sci-fi author), Marlene Dietrich (model, actress), Bob Fosse (dancer, choreographer), Connie Francis (singer, actress), L.Ron Hubbard (sci-fi writer), Janis Joplin (singer, rock star), Madonna (pop singer, actress), Cat Stevens (singer). Mary Kay Ash (cosmetics), David Bowie (rock singer), LeAnn Rimes (country singer), JonBenet Ramsey (child singer and dancer), Ravi Shankar (Hindu musician), Doris Day (singer, actress), Martha Graham (dancer), Yehudi Menuhin (concert violinist), Jim Morrison (rock legend), Erik Satie (classic pianist, composer), Tennessee Williams (playwright), and Dennis Wilson (rock singer).
All the pictures from the premiere featured her walking arm-in-arm with Hugh Grant (September 9, 1960). His Virgo Sun closely aspects her Sun-Juno-Neptune complex, and in turn, his Juno opposes her Sun and sextiles her Juno. The two made a good partnership, both as lovers, and later as business partners when they formed the production company Simian Films. After 13 years as a couple, they separated in May 2000 when transiting Uranus was conjunct her Juno. 

For most of the twentieth century transiting Neptune and Pluto formed a sextile to each other, so that when a natal planet aspects one, it also connects with the other. Barbara Hutton (November 14, 1912; 2:25 pm; New York, NY) was born before the two outer planets were in this sextile, and her horoscope shows the independent influence of each. 
Juno is exactly opposite Pluto, a celestial challenge to her ever finding happiness in marriage. Juno opposite Pluto made her a target for every fortune hunter around . This polarity is perfectly aligned with her parental axis, the fourth and tenth house cusps, and shows her socially powerful, but dysfunctional roots. Her father was Franklin Hutton, the wealthy co-founder of the New York investment firm, but widely recognized as a philanderer. Barbara's mother,  the daughter of Frank Woolworth who was the founder of the Woolworth Department store chain, committed suicide when Barbara was only four. 

Barbara Hutton inherited $50 million on her 21st birthday, as transiting Pluto was trine her Sun, located in the eighth house of inheritance. This made her one of the wealthiest women in the world. She married her first husband, the Russian Prince Alexis Mdivani, in June 1933. (Note that June, the month when most couples get married, is named after Juno.) They divorced two years later, and over the next thirty years Barbara went on to marry two more princes, a count, a baron, a diplomat, and Cary Grant.
With Pluto opposite her Juno, she suspected every possible suitor wanted her for her money, and she was most likely correct. Juno-Pluto aspects can lead to intense emotional confrontations, with the committed relationship plagued by jealousy, possessiveness, betrayal, psychological control and manipulation, and fear of abandonment. She learned these behaviors, these psychological imprints from her parents. Juno-Pluto either learns to fight for personal power and equality within the relationship, or becomes victimized by it. Her first marriages were characterized by physical, emotional and financial abuse. Cary Grant (husband #3) was the only husband who didn't need her money, but he had his own issues, and the two didn't last.   

Her Moon in Capricorn is another indicator of her awareness of social class and status symbols. This Moon is conjunct Uranus, giving her the independent spirit that runs from expectations and commitment. But the Moon is also opposite Neptune, which wants to submerge into a safe cocoon, an escape from the ugliness of the real world. The push and pull of Uranus and Neptune on her emotional state led her to become addicted to drugs and alcohol, which led to more abusive husbands. She never figured out the paradoxical challenges of her Juno, and she died a pitiful, emotional wreck at age 66.

Juno-Pluto aspects have a positive side, but they require a lot of internal work to get past the resentments, the inner rage that accompanies a deep feeling of injustice. How could one of the world's richest women feel that life was unfair? Her father abandoned her at age six to be taken care of by various relatives and a governess. Did she ever forgive her father? Probably not. She became terribly introverted as a child and had little contact with children her own age. A good holistic astrologer might tell her that she needed to let go, to forgive in order to move on with her life, that her sense of rage was a toxic emotion destroying her potential for creating healthy relationships.

However, before this could happen, the astrologer first needs to deploy Juno in the natal horoscope. Juno tells us so much about the nature of power within relationships, and the timing for the beginning and end of relationships. Juno represents the capacity for creating meaningful relationships, and the way we deal with compatibility issues. Juno's harmonious aspects describe ways to blend with another, while the challenging aspects describe conflicts between the relating urge and the psyche's other needs. At her best, those with a prominent Juno feel centered in their own power, and bring good feelings to all who come in contact with her. 
Her horoscope also reflects the dominating influence of Juno and how she came to portray the Queen of the Goddesses archetype during her life. She was known popularly as the "poor little rich girl" because she inherited a vast fortune, but had such a miserable time of life anyway. She was married seven times, and each time she divorced, she lost another chunk of her inheritance. She died weighing some 100 pounds and with less than $3000 to her name.

Juno is exactly conjunct her Midheaven, where it reigns over the entire horoscope like a Queen over all her subjects. Juno is in Capricorn, which resonates with the tenth house influence, and describes the heavy family and social expectations. Juno here feels powerful pressures to conform to the upper class protocols and elitist mannerisms, especially when it came to choosing a husband. 
PLUTO -  death and re-birth, destruction and creation, power and abuse, emotional entanglement, obsessions
JUNO - marriage, commited relationships, social skills, business partners, women's rights, storms, social rituals