The 2017 Inauguration Horoscope

Using the traditional planets, the 2017 chart (set for noon) has some troublesome configurations along with a few beneficial ones. Joan Quigley would likely not be happy with this arrangement. No matter who gets elected in November, the next four years promise, in Quigley’s words, “an unfavorable outcome.” 

The first challenge is that Mars at 24º Pisces is squaring Saturn at 23º Sagittarius, with an orb of less than one degree. It’s true that Mars is separating from this aspect, which might indicate that the trouble was in the recent past. However, any major transit or progression to this Mars-Saturn influence could unleash terrible conflict, either domestically or internationally. 

In addition to the traditional planets, one could add the four major asteroids to clarify the picture. In the case of the Mars-Saturn square, Juno is conjunct Saturn, and Mars is applying to square Juno at 25º Sagittarius. So this makes a stressful, three-planet configuration. 

Another configuration that bodes trouble is a T-square involving the three outer planets: Jupiter opposes Uranus, and Pluto squares both of them. If we throw in the recently discovered outer planet Eris (which conjoins Uranus), it’s a four-planet T-square in the pro-active cardinal signs. This set-up is bound to lead to open partisan conflict, competing initiatives, and a further polarizing of American political factions.

This inauguration horoscope has a few compensating factors, some bright spots. Among these is Venus exactly sextile Pluto (orb: 0º08’). A general principle in analyzing these charts is that the tighter the aspect, the stronger the influence. Venus sextile Pluto is one of the tightest aspects in this chart, and express grace and power coming together, periods of harmony, reliable allies, and perhaps some support for a strong economy.

A marvelous aspect, perhaps the most beneficial in this chart, is that Jupiter in Libra is precisely trine the Part of Fortune in Aquarius (orb: 0º03’). This aspect favors the promotion of equal rights, international alliances, and an overall feeling of prosperity and good will. It goes a long way in overcoming the harsh Mars-Saturn square, especially since Saturn is at the midpoint (sextile each) of Jupiter and Fortuna. 

The Moon in Scorpio is a story in itself. At first glance, it seems to be well placed. The Moon’s sextile to Mercury and trine to Neptune and Venus tremendously enhance the strength and influence of this Scorpio Moon. 

Unfortunately for the next president, this Scorpio Moon forms an exact trioctile to Mars. The trioctile aspect is based on the eighth harmonic, and is halfway between a square and an opposition, or 135º. The orb for this Moon-Mars aspect is 0º00’. The Moon and Mars are inherently incompatible. Anyone with a Moon-Mars aspect, especially a square or opposition, knows how much anger and conflict this dynamic can bring.
The Part of Fortune 
and Black Moon Lilith

The 2017 Inauguration chart shows the Part of Fortune in a wonderful trine to Jupiter, suggesting honor, success, and the promise of a bright future for the next president. However, Black Moon Lilith at 27º Scorpio squares Fortuna. The orb – five degrees – is enough to bring serious trouble. For some insights into what this aspect may bring, here’s a look at two previous Inauguration charts that also featured a Fortuna-Lilith affliction. 

Nixon’s second inauguration on January 20, 1973 took place at 12:15 pm, and is burdened by a poorly placed Part of Fortune. The Mars-Saturn opposition in this chart is unusually tight and highly descriptive of what was happening during his administration. The Part of Fortune is only two degrees away from Mars in this chart, and also within five degrees of conjoining Black Moon Lilith at 7º Sagittarius.
Looking Ahead

No matter when the exact minute of the oath takes place, the next president will have Saturn’s transit to the inauguration Mars to contend with through the end of 2017. This is what we might call a “short honeymoon”, since Saturn makes three squares to natal Mars in 2017 due to its retrograde cycle in this degree zone. The first one is on January 29, 2017, indicating that there is in fact no honeymoon at all, just suspicion, polarized agendas, and gridlock.

Transiting Saturn goes on to conjoin Mercury, then Pluto, and finally the Sun over the following three years. Saturn’s hits to these planets are more conducive to getting legislation passed, and making progress through hard work. Also over the next four years, the progressed Sun forms an octile to Venus toward the end of 2018, and progressed Mercury makes constructive aspects to the Moon and Neptune in 2019 and 2020. These progressions are quite favorable and protective of both the president and the nation.

Nevertheless, the dynamic T-Square shown in the 2017 inauguration horoscope (Uranus-Eris opposite Jupiter, with both squaring Pluto) will be under continuous activation over the next four years. Transiting Uranus’s transits to this horoscope should be telling in terms of the timing of major events. 

In addition to the sensitive degrees marked by the positions of Eris and Jupiter, the 27th degree is exceptionally important and hyper-reactive. This is because the U.S. Pluto is at 27º Capricorn, and is the nation’s ruling planet. The 27th degree is emphasized in the 2017 inauguration chart by Vesta’s placement at 27º Cancer.

In 2017 transiting Uranus will hit 27º Aries for the first time in 84 years, which may bring dramatic reorganization of government structures, as it did in 1933 under FDR. Because transiting Uranus is in the 12th house, it may also bring unwanted surprises that challenge the federal government’s ability to respond. This could include a terrorist attack, a covert war that gets out of hand, or an economic crisis. 

Transiting Uranus will square the inauguration Sun three times: May 31, 2018; October 17, 2018; and March 23, 2019. Although this transit might sound ominous, some favorable progressions may be in play at the same time, which could bring major breakthroughs. 

Saturn’s transits are equally important to watch over the next four years. Its location in the 8th house focuses attention on tax reform, economic growth, and trade relations with foreign nations. Due to Saturn’s square to Mars, these are not areas where much progress can be expected without grueling, hardball negotiations. 

After Saturn enters Capricorn on December 20, 2017, it will be heading into the inauguration chart’s T-Square, and then an epic conjunction with transiting Pluto in 2020. These are challenging aspects and tend to foster protectionism, nationalism, and conservative politics. 

Another planetary cycle shaping the next four years is the Uranus-Eris conjunction in Aries. These two are within two degrees in the 20-17 inauguration chart, and will be repeatedly activated by outer planet transits over the next four years. It may be a coincidence, but the previous two conjunctions of these planets took place in 1928 and 1834. Both cyclical conjunctions were followed in the U.S. by major economic depressions that lasted for several years. In fact, in their time both were referred to as “the Great Depression”. 

A potential scenario may unfold like this: under the growing influence of the contracting Saturn-Pluto vibe, and the militant nationalism associated with the Uranus-Eris conjunction, international cooperation suffers. This means growing problems with refugees and immigrants, tightening borders, reduced economic trade, and the unforeseeable consequences of unilateral actions.
The Mars-Saturn polarity describes Nixon’s active involvement with enemies. Ostensibly, he was winding down the Vietnam War with a “secret plan”, but he had also become directly involved in the Watergate scandal which led to his resignation on August 8, 1974. At the time, progressed Mercury was ay 27º Capricorn – a critical degree since it conjoins the U.S. Pluto. Progressed Mercury at this location formed an octile (45º) to the natal Part of Fortune, activating its underlying troublesome nature. At the same time, the progressed Part of Fortune at 4º Capricorn was squaring natal Pluto, a clear sign of a traumatic ending.

John Kennedy’s inauguration on January 20, 1961 took place at 12:51 pm. This chart features the Part of Fortune conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Cancer where they oppose a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. The Part of Fortune is further afflicted by being octile Pluto and the North Node.
The most angular planet in JFK’s inauguration chart is Mercury at the Midheaven. Mercury is emphasized and put under a cloud of uncertainty by the tight square to Neptune at 11º Scorpio. This Mercury-Neptune square indicates that all was not as it appeared in Kennedy’s idealized era of Camelot. 

For example, Juno opposite Lilith tells us that JFK’s marriage to Jackie was a sham. We know now that he entertained lovely young women in the White House swimming pool, but the reporters in those times were not keen on lifting the veil of presidential privacy. 

On the geopolitical level, the Mercury-Neptune square suggests the misinformation, the lost or mistranslated communiqués during the Cuban Missile crisis that began on October 14, 1962.

At the time, the progressed Midheaven was conjunct Mercury (orb: 0º12’). Although Mars has no unusually challenging aspects in the inauguration chart itself, its location at 1º Cancer is a critical degree since its trioctile (135º) the U.S. 4th house cusp at 16º Aquarius. Transiting Mars opposed the Inauguration Sun when this crisis almost brought World War III. 

When JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963, the progressed Midheaven was at 11º Aquarius and exactly squaring natal Neptune (orb: 0º08’). Transiting Uranus and Pluto in Virgo were afflicting natal Fortuna and Black Moon Lilith.

So back to the 2017 Inauguration chart, what does this tell us about the square between Fortuna and Lilith? Primarily, we have the potential for a disastrous presidency. Mars is under great tension in this chart by its square to Saturn. And as already mentioned, the intense Scorpio Moon is precisely trioctile Mars. This set-up resonates with the climate of insane violence domestically as well as the innumerable covert wars being conducted by the U.S. military. 

With Black Moon Lilith in the 7th house, and radical Uranus in the 12th house, the war against terrorism and reacting to horrific terrorist acts will likely be on the next president’s agenda. The next president may be in danger of being personally attacked. Only because the Part of Fortune so closely trines Jupiter may we say that the worst may be avoided. But it’s a delicate balance.
The Next Four Years
By Michael O’Reilly

For astrologers, Inauguration Day presents a reliable time and date for the beginning of the president’s term in office. A horoscope set for noon on January 20, 2017 can be used to understand the political undercurrents, the cross winds, and what we might expect to unfold over the coming four years. 

Although the president’s term in office officially starts at 12:00 pm, and the schedule is for the incoming president to be sworn in at precisely noon, the actual oath of office may take place several minutes before or after noon. Astrologers generally use the time of the oath as the basis for the beginning of the term.

January 20 has been Inauguration Day beginning with FDR’s second term. Since then the actual time for the oath has on several occasions been half an hour after noon. In JFK’s case, the oath didn’t take place until 12:51 pm.

Astrologers use a variety of techniques for interpreting the Inauguration horoscope, but one of the clearest descriptions of how it works was given to us by Joan Quigley, the Reagans’ astrologer during his years in the White House. Quigley was initially hired by Nancy to protect Ronald from being assassinated, so the astrologer’s task was to schedule events that would keep him safe. 

By 1985 Quigley also used astrology to set an apropos time for his inauguration ceremony. In her book “What Does Joan Say?” she writes, “When there is only one negative indication in the chart, there may be an undesirable event, but nothing very grave happens. If there are two or more configurations in the chart, an unfavorable outcome can be expected.”
Quigley was stumped because no matter when she set the Inauguration, she couldn’t get rid of a Venus-Mars conjunction square Uranus. This led to the Iran-Contra scandal. However, a Moon-Jupiter conjunction near the Aquarius Sun was a hugely beneficial influence which ultimately manifested as the breakthrough INF Treaty with the Soviet Union, and ultimately, the end of the Cold War. 

Quigley’s technique was to watch the progressed chart along with the outer planet transits to the inauguration horoscope. In the 1985 inauguration chart (11:56:50), she saw herself in the prominent position of the Moon. 
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